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The online video interview became the standard way of conducting interviews after the outbreak of COVID-19. Thus if you are also thinking of conducting an interview by following the latest norms and ways and looking for the best-recruiting software for video interviews then don’t skip this blog. Learn what is video interview software and explore which is the best video interview software for your organization and meets the requirements. The online video interview software was already there before the pandemic but everyone realized its importance during the lockdown. It is beneficial for both the employers as well as the candidates who are being interviewed and its utilization is constantly increasing. According to Software Advice, more than 60% of recruiters and hiring managers have started using video interview software. 

What is a Video Interview?

A video interview is a process of virtually interviewing candidates for an open job posting using video technology as the communication medium. Video interviewing is an efficient way to conduct interviews but it can be different from a face-to-face interview. Video interview software allows recruiters to conduct and close a job interview process faster than traditional methods. These platforms allow recruiters to send instant notifications and emails to candidates.

Video interviews and virtual hiring are some of the many changes that the pandemic has brought to our lives and will presumably become the norm post-pandemic as well. This means your next job interview might happen via video. Video interviewing software can be a bit challenging for both recruiters and candidates if you are not prepared. If you have one coming up, it’s smart to be prepared about the interview factors so you can be ready.

Types of Video interview

1. Asynchronous/Pre-recorded interview:- In this interview process, the interview will be recorded with a short test or questions given to you by the employer. The interviewer may monitor the answers on video interviewing software. It is to see how well a candidate answers the questions and reacts to them.

2. Synchronous/Live Video interview:-  It is a process in which the interviewer and interviewee sit face-to-face using video interview software and talk through the reasons behind your selection. It’s the ideal way of finding out more about a candidate before he or she is selected. With video interviews, questions are not asked on a pre-screened list but are tailored to your hiring needs. 

What is Video Interview Software?

Employers and candidates use the online video interview software to attend the online interview. This tool is the medium for connecting employers and candidates who are at different locations and timezone. Thus this online system is called video interview software. This system helps the candidates and employers to hear and see each other virtually as in in-person interviews.

Benefits of Video Interview Software

There are many benefits while engaging with online video interview software and tools. The following benefits will clarify why one should choose the best video interview software.

1. Provides a positive candidate experience

A positive candidate experience is key to keep attracting the best talent in your company. Employers need to create a good impression on candidates even if they are not hired. They should provide them the feedback as to which areas they have to work on and improve. Using video interviews in the hiring process will show candidates that your company is updated with technologies that will create a positive impact. This impact will encourage them to spread the word to their friends which result in more referrals. 

2. Reduces time-to-hire

Having an efficient recruitment process is not only beneficial for the company but also for the candidates. Many candidates give up on the recruitment process when they feel that the company is taking too long than what’s expected. Video interview functionality helps you to quickly schedule the interview for the candidates to speed up the process. It not only works for candidates who live out of town but also for candidates who live in the same town.  Overall reduces the time and cost to hire.

3. Help recruiters build better screening of candidates

Pre-recorded video interviews provide better first-round screening of candidates as recruiters can easily evaluate how they are answering and compare them side by side. With this, you can not only access their resumes but also their skills. Video interviewing eliminates scheduling complications and delays and can reduce the risk of losing candidates. This helps recruiters in an early stage of the recruitment process to take more accurate decisions in identifying the candidates moving on to the next round.

Best Recruiting Software for Video Interview

HR professionals use tools for video interviews which is not common anymore. Video interviews make the recruitment process streamlined, quicker, and more convenient for both employers and candidates. Once the interview is scheduled by the recruiter according to the candidate’s convenience, video interviews can be conducted anywhere. We have listed the following best-recruiting software for the video interviews:-


Ducknowl is a comprehensive platform for video interviews and pre-recorded video interviews. Recruiters and HR teams spend countless hours screening candidates for jobs. Still, the best candidates do not come to the surface.  Ducknowl allows you to save time and make higher-quality recruiting decisions with additional features, such as video interviewing, talent assessment, video job descriptions, resume screening, audio screening, and video texting. It allows different customized parts according to your liking.  Ducknowl is the best video interviewing platform with a full recruiting suite that helps companies solve multiple recruiting problems at once. Ducknowl reduces your screening time by 70-80% and digitizes the process with inbuilt features like resume sorting, keyword matching, video screening, skill test, proxy prevention, and results sharing. 

The advanced recruitment system not only allows you to map out but also optimize your entire recruitment process. It gives full liberty to the recruiters to personalize the test according to their company standards. Ducknowl’s video interviewing software costs based on how many video interview screenings you will use. However, you don’t have to pay for our subscription right away. It can easily be integrated with Zoho, Jazz, Greenhouse, etc.

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2. Hirevue

Hirevue is a solid video interviewing platform with all the right features that a recruiter needs. The platform is easy to use and makes recruitment streamlined, quicker and convenient. The software has an excellent ability to access and examine potential candidates for employment purposes. It is an ideal application for a high volume of hires.

 Another essential feature one should consider while choosing a tool is the ability to be integrated with other tools. HireVue comes with video interviewing software and pre-hire assessments and stands out from its competitors for its AI-powered interviews that help recruiters conduct the initial screening of candidates. Hirevue is easy to implement and is secured. Recruiters can sit and watch candidates’ interviews as per their convenience and can also change the speed of the interview while watching which helps save time. Hirevue is perfect for big businesses, global corporations, and rapidly growing companies. Hirevue costs $35000 for 2500-7500 employees.

3. Interviewstream

Interviewstream is another popular video interviewing software tool that helps more than 900+ small-sized businesses and enterprises. The feature that makes this tool stand out from the crowd is its interview scheduling feature. It’s like Calendly a meeting scheduling app where you book a specific slot in another person’s calendar. Interviewstream works on a similar model. The tool offers automated interview scheduling that syncs with your hiring team’s calendar availability allowing candidates to select a time for the interview. This tool offers both live and pre-recorded video interviews. It offers integrations with some platforms and the range is limited. 

4. Vidcruiter

Vidcruiter is one of the compelling video interview software that helps engage and virtually interview potential candidates to streamline your hiring process. It is the best platform that digitizes and customizes the workflow that significantly replaces your outdated means of hiring.  It offers screening features such as pre-recorded interviews, interview scheduling, virtual event hosting, applicant tracking, and assessment. They also come with live video interviewing with other viewing mode options and panels for comments and evaluation notes. These are a part of the Vidcruiter Recruitment Suite. Unlike other virtual communication tools like Skype and Zoom but Vidcruiter is specially made for hiring with additional features for HR teams like rating and questions for candidates.

5. Willo 

Willo is a complete video interview software that fulfills most of your team’s requirements. From collaborating with other recruiters to using the tool on any device at any time it streamlines the entire video interviewing process for your team. It also offers to customize the interface to improve the candidate’s experience. It has an interesting feature of generating automatic questions when you run out of questions. You can integrate Willo with your existing ATS and CRM within a few minutes. With over 3000+ third-party integrations with tools like Zapier, Slack, Google Drive, Twitter, and more you can easily ai=utomate the workflow.

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