Best places to shop in Mecca

Best places to shop in Mecca

Don’t limit yourself to introducing the best places to shop in Mecca. This tour can be sensational if you find the best shopping malls. Mecca is an impressive city where you can see the bustle of the bazaars. Here you can find every local and international deal during the Hajj and Umrah journey.

Best places to shop in Mecca:

  1. Abraj Al-Bait Mall
  2. Al Aziziyah Mall
  3. Mecca Mall
  4. Hijaz Mall
  5. Bustling Markets

Abraj Al-Bait Mall

Everything your need is here at Abraj al-Bait Mall. The size of this mall is amazing. The mall is known for its five-storey in which all types of stores and parking more than 1,000 cars are included. A portion of the Abraaj al-Bayt Mall, the most famous commercial complex in Makkah, stands directly in front of the King Abdulaziz Gate, at the foot of the Haram Mosque.

All women’s local and international clothing brands and perfume stores, as well as other accessories, can be found here. Are you looking for a gift for friends on your way home? So there are a lot of gift shops in this mall waiting for you –

There is no possibility of starvation here in Braj Al-Bayt. There are all the international food points located on the fourth and fifth floors of the mall. These food points also have restaurants and cafes with a capacity of more than 5,500 people. The Mecca Raffles Cafe is a perfect place for a coffee break and a view of the Grand Mosque from the balcony.

Tip: Raffles Mecca Palace is the best place to stay for a view of the Kaaba. Therefore, Muslims who come for Umrah should choose a room in this palace while booking Umrah Packages.

Al Aziziyah Mall

Al Azizia is a neighbouring district of Mecca, famous for its bazaars. Azizia Central Market is a popular place for post-hajj shopping. There are stalls selling clothes, textiles, bags, shoes, cosmetics and household items. If you are looking for gold and jewellery, Al Azizia is a great shopping hotspot.

Connected to Al-Azizia Central Market, Al-Majaz Market has a wide range of international brands and a wide range of textile and jewellery stores. Of course, children will love the play area on the ground floor of the market.

Al-Majaz is not the only shopping centre in Azizia. Within minutes you will find many other fascinating malls in the district, including the Salam Shopping Center, the International Family Complex and the Arim International Mall – and much more. All your search ends here.

Mecca Mall

Mecca Mall is a few steps south on King Abdullah Road in Azizia District. This shopping centre includes more than 140 brands and entertainment venues. Cat’s Bay Amusement Park for children and a branch of Hyper Panda Supermarket are also part of the mall.

During your walk through Mecca Mall, you will find a wide range of cafes, and restaurants and with them a food court for international selection. It is only 15 minutes away from Al-Haram Mosque and has all the parking facilities.

Hijaz Mall

Hijaz Mall is located on the Mecca-Jeddah Highway. This mall offers a great opportunity for those who come in or out of the city to shop for their favourites. It is one of the oldest shopping centres in Mecca. The reason for its popularity is the stores selling gold, textiles and clothes.

Al-Hijaz Mall has a branch of Jarir Book Store and a special section for Syrian clothing for women.

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Bustling Markets

If your budget after Hajj or Umrah is keeping you away from some of the shopping centres in Mecca, then here you have the option of Al-Al Otaybi Market. High-quality items can be found here at low prices. And this market is counted among the oldest markets in Mecca. It is about 3 km away from Al-Haram Mosque. The market consists of 2,000 shops, selling everything from gifts to abayas and gold. Men can also buy high-quality clothes and shoes at reasonable prices.

The Al Otaybi Market can be very crowded during the Ramadan and Hajj seasons – so try to get here early in the day.

For traditional gifts, you can also try the Al Siteen Street Market on the west gate of Mecca. In this market, you can find the best deals on any essential items package like the Hajj package.

There are many more markets or shopping malls to get the desired items but they are popular because locals and foreigners choose them.


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