Best On-demand App Ideas to Start Money Making Startup

gojek clone

On-demand apps like the Gojek clone have been ruling the world with their eye-catching visuals and appeal. The services and features, on the other hand, are another set of things that entrepreneurs find interesting. So, if you are determine to start your own business and earn a huge chunk of profits, then there is no better option than launching these on-demand apps that offer multiple services.


Monetizing from the app is one thing, but earning millions in profit is another. So, how can an entrepreneur who is planning to develop and launch this on-demand multi-services solution earn more?

Well, let’s begin with how they can save their existing financials while developing the apps.

The entrepreneur can only save the money they already have by opting for a pre-built solution that has already been market-tested and optimized. This eliminates the need of building the app from scratch. Ready-made and ready-to-launch white-label solutions.

What do you mean by white-labeled?

Well, a white-label Gojek clone mobile application is develope by taking the ready-made base app. This base app is then:

  • Rebranded with your company’s name and logo.
  • The color theme is changed to match the logo of the company.
  • The app and the web panels are matched with one another.
  • All the features and services that the entrepreneur needs are integrated into the app.

This is called white-labeling the app. The entrepreneur doesn’t have to start with designing the app, coding it, beta-testing it, or even market-testing it. Thus, it takes only 1 – 2 weeks for the app developers to complete white-labeling your app and get it ready for the launch.

Now, coming back to how you can make more money, let’s look at the three profit-earning methods.

1.Earn commissions from every single service, order, or ride

Commissions are easy to earn and every entrepreneur can benefit from this profit-centric business model. Once the entrepreneur starts discussing the Gojek clone app development requirements with the Project Manager, they’ll come to know about these perks:

  • The entrepreneur is the sole decision-maker of commission rates.
  • The commission rates can be different for different genres of service.
  • Commission will be earns from every single service from every genre that gets render through the app.
  • This has Rewards features for service servers.

2.Subscription-based plans are also a steady income stream

If your app is following a subscription-based plan, then the entrepreneur will earn an income every time a service provider purchases one of these plans or renews them. Here are the benefits of having a subscription plan business model:

  • The entrepreneur is the sole curator of subscription plans.
  • Entrepreneurs can have as many plans as they want to.
  • The price of each of the subscription plans is determine by the app owner itself.
  • These plans come with a time validity, which means that these Gojek clone membership plans have an expiration date.
  • The entrepreneur can send plan renewal reminders to the service provider in advance so that they can renew or upgrade them before the expiry date.

3.Make money from advertisements 

Third parties are always interest-ed in ‘paying’ for marketing. That is, to promote their business, the third parties showcase their advertisements on the mobile application’s homepage. Thus, the entrepreneur can earn a handsome cash amount by renting out a small space on their apps to these third parties.

The feature that lets the entrepreneur showcase the ads on the home page is the integration of Google Ads or Facebook Ads. This is like bingo! You can add any 3rd party advertisement on your app and earn commissions from the advertisers.


Gojek Clone has more then 70 individual services in single smart mobile app, The app is builded with latest technologies and intelligent features like Artificial Intelligence, Robust, Dynamic and Catchy User Interface of the mobile app.

Aspiring entrepreneurs, today is the best day to invest in a business idea that can help you make millions in profit! Developing and launching this app only requires 1 – 2 weeks!

Yes! You can now launch your very own multi-service Gojek Clone super app in such a small amount of time. Plus, come the benefits of earning a fortune! Inquire now with On Demand Clone.

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