Best Fabrics That You Should Consider For Readymade Curtains

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ready made velvet curtains

Our eyes are invariably on the curtains when we go to a high-end hotel or a well-furnished home. The curtains are usually the richest fabric in the room.

When you are to settle on the curtain cloth, being an expensive investment, it takes a lot of time and consideration- whether you make it yourself or have it made; it’s a choice that needs to be done with reflection and deliberation.

Fabric texture, transparency, and the way it falls and collects at the bottom are all important considerations when selecting the best curtain fabric for the living room or other places.

Best fabrics for curtains

Here we are going to discuss the best curtain fabric for the living room, bedroom, dining room, & guest rooms.

Voile Curtains

Voile fabric is soft, lightweight, and sheer woven. Typically, it is 100% cotton, but it can also be polyester. It has a really nice layer with a decent drape (the higher performance) and is perfect for allowing in the just-right amount of sunlight to allow you to experience some security while being relaxed at the same time.

Voile fabric has a smooth, light look that lets light through it while enabling confidentiality, a common noun for a range of sheer materials. Voile can be produced from fibers like cotton or silk, or synthetic fibers like rayon, and polyester can be produced from it. A voile barrier is an ideal solution where security is desired as well as light.

Silk Curtains

Silk,  another antique cloth, was initially developed 8,500 years ago in China. Silk is a favorite in both the design and decor markets, known for its soft charm, intensity, and abundance of color. Natural silk, produced from silkworms’ cocoons, is costly. 

Synthetic silk curtains are more accessible, but their natural equivalent does not entirely possess all the attributes. Silk can be sleek or layered, plain, printed or embossed, and makes curtains that are beautifully bright. In order to provide better shade, silk curtains can be lined or unlined to make them springy. Even if unlined, to avoid harm from the light, silk curtains should always have a barrier fabric around them.

Velvet Curtains

Velvet, usually made of silk, is an ancient fabric that is all about extravagance and magnificence. The custom velvet drapes are thick and full, and also a good light and noise insulator because of their larger surface area. Perfectly suited to larger windows, in very formal as well as casual spaces, velvet curtains will work. 

They can be found in the bedroom, living room, dining room, and other formal rooms, with great success. Although original silk velvet is very costly, modern velvets, including cotton and linen, are made with synthetic fabrics or natural fibers, making them far more affordable.

Because of their thickness, they need certain equipment such as motorized glass lamps or those designed specifically for heavier custom velvet drapes. For those searching for metal or high-end finishes, stylish traverse rods are a great choice.

Damask Curtains

Since the 9th century, Damask cloths were seen and comprised of a striped weaving technique on a jacquard loom that enables the fabric to be reusable. The luxury damask fabric is usually in a single color, with a warp-faced sateen finish and a matt backdrop making up the pattern. 

Although with a damask weave almost any pattern is possible, what we see at present are large-scale floral patterns. Luxury damask fabric due to the subtle shimmer of the fabric caused by the satin pattern. This style of curtain fits well in formal rooms and dormitories with a touch of glamor.

Lined damask curtains, although not as thick as velvet, can still be voluminous. To minimize the total weight, get the double wood line with dark lining on the rod behind the cotton-lined curtains.


A perfect way to upgrade and change a room is to create curtains. They can not only add confidentiality and shield out unnecessary light, but can also equally contribute and comfort to a room, and also produce sound to enhance a room’s sound quality. 

Fabrics have a wide range of ready-made, high-quality curtains that include a simple, relatively inexpensive way to immediately change the aesthetic of a room.

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