Best designs for face painting


Whether you are going for a fun party or a Halloween show, a good face painting idea can make your outfit and attire much more enjoyable. Several ideas and inspirations are laying all open out in the world for your next face painting in Las Vegas idea. But choosing the right one is still not easy, and we get you. After all, just choosing the face paint idea is not enough. You also need to execute it with perfection on your face.

Moreover, face painting is a challenging task that is more complicated than everyday makeup. Therefore, you need to be more careful and detail-oriented. Before choosing the face painting design, you also need to think about the process of creating it. However, if you feel overwhelmed with so many choices, don’t worry. Here, we will tell you the best face painting Las Vegas designs. We will also elaborate on their process of making and execution. So you can easily recreate the looks and spice up your appearance.

Tiger face painting

It is one of the easiest to draw and most exciting face painting ideas. The tiger face painting is a unisexual design and provides a great scope of modifications. The primary face painting of tiger design includes orange, yellow, and white colors. However, as per the costume and your liking, you can change the color combination. Some other popular color combinations are purple, white, and black. Also, the fushcia, blue and black combination is trendy. You need to start with the white base for the basic tiger face painting. Then, go to a dark orange shade and outlines in the exterior portion of the makeup. Now, moving inside, paint the light orange shades. The final touch comes with yellow. You can also create a definition by putting black in shadow side parts.

Butterfly face painting

Next, we have a butterfly face painting. This idea looks surreal on the face. For creating an elegant yet fun look, you can choose butterfly face painting. The best part of this design is that it makes your eye color pop, making them brighter and more beautiful. So this face painting also enhances your natural features. There are no basic fundamental color combinations for the butterfly face painting. You can experiment with almost any color. However, to be safe, you can try a collection of warm and cold tones alternatively. You can also choose a monochrome look instead of going all in contrast. For a monochrome look, choose lavender shades for cold skin tones. For warm skin tones, choose red or orange shades. Start by putting the shades of wings in their outline shape around the eyes. Then, filler the inner region of the face with the body color. You can also make pure wings. Now, at last, give some definition by choosing similar darker shades.

Rainbow face painting

The next most fun and easy-to-make face painting idea is rainbow. It is straightforward and provides a vibrant appearance even without much effort. First, you need an outline with seven colors in the VIBGYOR sequence. Then, fill the sections with similar colors. Then, you can either make outlines for shaping the clearing boundaries inside the rainbow or try blending the edges for a softer look. You can also garner the look with a few sparkling clouds around the ending areas of the rainbow.

Skull face painting

Next, we have a skull face painting. If you want an attractive edgy look, you can for skull face painting. This design also offers a broad scope of modification with easy to make process. However, the structural formation of the skull is quite tricky, and you need to be precise with your hands. Start by making huge circles around the eyes and below your cheekbones. Now contour heavily around your jaw, side forehead portion, and below your cheekbones. Then, make outlines for your teeth. At last, fill the rest part with white color or any shade of your choice.


Face painting is an enjoyable way of making your outfit more edgy and exciting. You can try any of the designs mentioned above. These designs are pretty easy to make and provide a broad scope of customization. So this allows you to choose your style with each design. To match your attire, you can choose different color schemes and outline patterns.


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