Best Cosplay Ideas for Harley Quinn Costume

Best Cosplay Ideas for Harley Quinn Costume

Are you looking for some elegant yet funky Harley Quinn Costume to embrace this Halloween? Or are you one of those individuals who is a die-heart fan of this unique character looking for ways to embrace the style in the most casual way possible? Do not worry; we are here to help you in both cases. So, keep on reading, and the forthcoming content will inform you about some not-so-common Harley Quinn outfits you can consider fashionable this winter. So, without any further due, let us dig into the content. Please have a look.

All you need to know about Harley Quinn Costume 

The content below is divided into various pieces so you can penetrate deep into the information. Please have a look.

Why wear Harley Quinn Costume on Halloween 

Harley Quinn was born The Harleen Quinzel, who went forward with her career to become a well-known and skillful doctor working in a local mental asylum. There she met up with the Joker- a supervillain in the DC Comics Batman vs. Joker series- instantly fell for him. Villain took advantage of the situation by asking the lady to smuggle weapons and equipment into the hospital for him to escape. She agreed and left with him as well.

Nevertheless, the Joker didn’t have the same feelings for her. He gave her high-intensity shocks and transformed Doctor Harleen Quinzel into Harley Quin. Not only did her mind change, but her dressing style also transformed. She now started to wear funky and unusual clothes with a mix of multiple vibrant colors. And the same is why all of her outfits are perfect to be worn on Halloween. 

Costumes to consider 

As you can see Halloween is considered to be a very important event of the year. In fact, many cosplay fans wait for it very badly throughout the year. Here what makes these moments more fascinating is the awesome cosplays people like to wear while trick or treating. Below is the list of all the top-notch Harley Quinn Costume Cosplay you can consider in this regard.

1. Harley Quinn Bomber Jacket

The first and foremost name on the list is non-other than the Harley Quinn bomber jacket. This fantastic outfit is made from a stretchable fabric and is available in deep bright red and vibrant blue colors. It isn’t the regular dual-shaded jacket, which has the right side colored in red while the other is blue. In addition, a thick viscose lining is placed inside so that you can stay warm even in an icy climate. The collars and bottom of the sleeves are tightly knitted for an enhanced look.

Please remember that these rub cuff knits are available in different colors than the usual ones: Bright red and pale yellow. And as we know, Harley Quinn always considered herself the property of Joker, so how is it possible that she won’t display this thing in her apparel?

The same is why you will find a quote: Property of Joker. This line is stated in bright silver color.

2. Harley Quinn Double Toned Jacket

The double-toned jacket is a bit similar to the previously mentioned jacket. That means it also contains two shades. However, the colors are different: Black and red. 

The right side of the jacket is colored black, while the left is red. However, you will find alternate colored stripes on both sleeves for an enhanced look. For the closure, we have utilized a high-quality metal zipper in silver color. Hence, you now don’t have to waste some extra minutes or seconds buttoning and unbuttoning your apparel. 

On the back, a while yet a signature statement of Harley Quinn is written that says; Daddy’s little monster. Hence, we can conclude that Harley Quinn is her daddy’s little monster rather than a princess. 

3. The Harley Quinn birds of prey jacket. 

The Harley Quinn Birds Of Prey jacket is the only clothing jacket in the movie that does not obtain the concept of dual shading. Instead, it is designed in a completely different way. The center is made of see-through plastic that enables you to fashion all your fancy tops in the most unique way possible. 

The sleeves are the main highlight and lifeline of the whole apparel. These contain numerous fringes from the arm, granting it a bird-like structure. Please note that all the fringes are made up of multi-colored tape to bring out a sense of fun and engagement simultaneously. For closure, the designers chose to stick to the basics and utilize a high-quality metal zipper. It is excellent apparel if you want to showcase your unique sense of dressing in front of the world this season.

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From where to purchase 

Now that you know all the essential outfits and the must-to-be-known information, the next question is, from where can I get such superb cosplays? Well, there are loads of options available for the purpose, yet we suggest going with the Harley Quinn Merch also known as the Official Harley Quinn Merchandise Store. It is an e-commerce store famous for all the following reasons.

1. Size availability 

You are always welcomed at our Official Harley Quinn Merchandise Store no matter how thick, thin, short, or tall you are. Obtain a vast collection of outfits in the following sizes: XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, and 3XL. Plus, we also have a particular “Made to Measure system for you to find your perfect fit.

2. Nominal prices

At Harley Quinn Merch, we believe that fashion shouldn’t be restricted to any class of people. The same is why we obtain a nominal price range that will help you look beautiful in low-cost products.


Harley Quinn is a fantastic character, and so does the Harley Quinn Costume. It is a superb option for you to go with if you are up for searching for some new apparel. However, make sure to check our recommended store for the best results.

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