Bengaluru’s Primary Healthcare Network for Children


AddressHealth, a Bengaluru-based paediatric primary care provider, is the first in India. Anand Lakshman and Anoop Radhakrishnan, both doctors entrepreneurs, founded the Pediatric healthcare chain in Bengaluru in March 2010. Their vision was to see every child achieve a positive state of health. AddressHealth Solution serves children in India.

A small group of doctors entrepreneurs came together to dream of changing how child healthcare is delivered.

The Pediatric healthcare chain provides pediatric consultation, filling and pulp capping, as well as health education, scaling and crowns. It also offers psychological counseling, treatment for childhood eye problems, behavior therapy, personal and general medicine, and other services.

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Anand Lakshman graduated in Public Health and Management at Tata Institute of Social Sciences. He spent almost a decade working on public health programs, which were launched in Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar under the auspices of the Government of India in 2010. More than 114 million children have been benefited by the public health programs.

AddressHealth was founded in March 2010. AddressHealth was established in March 2010.

This idea is quickly being realized by the School Health Service, which the company provides to schools across the country. This company is revolutionizing the space by using innovative methods to reach schools. It continues to provide high-quality primary care for children.


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