Benefits Of Having Floor Sanding Arranged Professionally


The vast majority of Danes prefer to have floor sanding arranged professionally. This is especially due to the fact that a floor sanding must not use special materials and machines that most people do not have, nor do they know how to use.

It is generally not recommended that you start a project on floor sanding if you have no experience at all. It is easy to get damaged with the machines, or have the floor damaged, which is much more expensive to have repaired afterwards.

The main benefits of having a floor sanding done professionally are:

You are guaranteed a beautiful result: When you choose a professional craftsman with many years of experience, you get knowledgeable and skilled hands to perform the work. A craftsman has guaranteed to have tried many different floors before, and is therefore ready to handle any challenges with your particular floor. Therefore, you get the best conditions for a beautiful and flawless result.

You get a new floor in no time: Many do-it-yourself projects have to pull out because we do not get to prioritize it as we probably should. When you hire a professional craftsman to do it for you, you are sure that the work will be done as soon as possible, and you can thus soon enjoy your new and beautiful floor.

You do not have to bother with machines and materials yourself: If you do not have much experience with floor sanding, there will certainly be elements of stress, confusion and doubt involved in the project. You can get rid of all this with a professional craftsman. He has exactly the right materials, and knows exactly how to perform each task.

You do not expose yourself to unnecessary danger: With a craftsman to arrange the Gulvafslibning, you avoid the risks associated with handling machines and inhaling dust during the project.

Get three quotes and get the best floor sanding price

When you need to sand your floors, it is a really good idea to get more offers for your task. When you do this, you will be presented with several different companies and prices for floor sanding.

You can easily get three offers on a floor sanding with a few clicks online. Which ensures you the best floor sanding price? It is quite easy and a great advantage for you who may have to sand the floor for the first time.

This is done quite simply by filling in an online form, where you describe the scope of the project, as well as any wishes and requirements. Then you can just sit back and wait for three offers to tick into your inbox or for companies to call you.

The three offers are completely non-binding, which means you do not have to say yes to a single one of them if they do not suit you. In turn, the three offers can make you smarter about your project, and perhaps make you realize that you have more or different requirements than first assumed.

If so, you can easily go in and request three new offers. You can also choose to enter into a dialogue with one or more of the three companies that have contacted you, and in that way negotiate the exact task you want to solve and at the right price.

It is easy, convenient and completely accessible no matter where in Denmark you live. There is of course a large concentration of craftsmen around Copenhagen, Aarhus and Odense and here you will be able to get your three offers in no time.

But also in cities like Aalborg, Roskilde, Amager, Horsens and Vejle, you can quickly and easily obtain three offers for sanding your floors – free of charge and completely without obligation.

A floor sanding price therefore also depends on whether you are located in Aarhus, Copenhagen and Aalborg or where in Denmark you are. As a starting point, it is always an advantage to find craftsmen close to your place of residence, as otherwise additional fees for driving may be added to the price.

Floor maintenance – how to keep the floors neat after a floor sanding

Once you have just sanded your floor, you have hopefully become really happy with the result, and probably also have a desire to maintain the beautiful look for as long as possible. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to keep your floor straight after it has been sanded. The primary things are:

Keep the floor clean: It may sound strange, but frequent cleaning is a good way to keep your floor straight in a cheap way. When dirt accumulates or you leave stains on the floor, it can be stepped on the floor, adding extra wear to your floor.

Put felt pads under the furniture: Again, this is a very small investment, but which in turn can help you tremendously in the long run. Most furniture can scratch or make marks in a wooden floor if we are not careful. Therefore, it is an incredibly good idea to put felt pads under all furniture legs and surfaces, so that there is no direct contact between the furniture and the floor.

Make sure to keep the surface treatment straight: The surface we have laid on top of our floor helps to ensure that the floor stays nice for a long time and is resistant. If there are scratches or marks that penetrate during the surface treatment, the floor is suddenly exposed. Therefore, be sure to repaint if varnish or oil has worn off. Read more about surface treatment of wooden floors at Bolius.

We hope that with this guide you have become a little wiser about what things to consider when sanding your floors, and that you have gained an insight into what it costs and what the advantages and disadvantages are of resp. do it yourself or get a professional on the field.


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