Beautiful Mandir Design Ideas For The Ideal Pooja Room In India


For those looking for a unique mandir design for their home, this is the place to go. We have intricate jaali designs and modern mandirs that may be installed in even the smallest of spaces. Your house can accommodate both modest and expensive nooks. Among the most stunning and unique mandir design ideas, these are some of the best examples! Buy mandir online from Craftatoz.


The Mandir’s Jaali Panels are Located in the Southwest Corner


Is the idea of putting jaali panels in your pooja unit appealing to you? If that’s the case, then look no further. While this design may be used in any living room, those with a wood-finished television set will find it especially useful. Lattice looks best in laminate or wood, so this white-and-wood puja unit has a lot of visual appeals. Storage of puja samagri is another option for the drawers.


Plan For A Carved-Out Wooden Temple In Your Yard


Now is the perfect moment to take advantage of any unused space in your living room. Then, add a traditional dome and an exquisite jaali-worked pooja shelf corner unit. You’ll be shocked at the difference in appearance if you use a soft-focus light to illuminate the corner.


There is a Sleek Pooja Room in an Open Living Space


With its Scandinavian design and minimalist furnishings, you don’t think a puja unit would work in your modern living room. Indeed you couldn’t believe it! An old wall niche, like this one, maybe transformed into an altar with the addition of an altar base and some beautiful lighting. Keep clean lines and neutral hues in the modern design idea.


Wall Mounted Mandirs Make a Statement


All of us have at least one unused wall in our living rooms. This is an excellent place for your god to be worshipped. This charming design gives a low-height base unit with drawers and brass bells glamour to an otherwise dull area.


Make a Temple in Your Home


Would any of you want to create an altar in your living room? With a separate chamber in your living room that can be converted into a mandir, you’re in good hands. Such a beautiful carved marble unit with matching dividers would be ideal for the space in question. Having a full-fledged pooja room but leaving the décor open is what this would do. Buy wooden pooja mandir online for sale from Crafatoz.


Purchasing A Wooden Pooja Unit Is A Good Investment


Making a shrine in your living room might be as simple as using the corners as a base. Decorate this space with a wood pooja unit that is beautiful and traditional. Focus lights and bells from the wall above the team should also call attention to this area. Friends and family will be heaping praise on you for this one very soon.


Assemble a Few Minor Elements to Decorate


No of the style of your living room, a simple and unadorned puja area will work. Instead of utilizing a blank wall, consider using a veneer panel and matching wooden base unit to give your mandir interest. Set a few candles on either side of the gadget to further enhance the illusion.


Isn’t it time for a half-open mandir?


You don’t have to keep your living room’s pooja area open all the time. This, however, is an excellent idea for those who prefer the look of a lavish temple at home. You may add colorful glass doors and a wooden door with bells to complete the look.


You Have A Mandir In Your Display Cabinet


Non-religious people who like having a few idols in their living room will find this a straightforward notion to grasp. To show gorgeous symbols with such adornments, a display-cum-pooja-unit like this is ideal.


Ingenious Space Management


The mandir’s modern design makes it ideal for small spaces. The colorful laser-cut acrylic panel stands out because of its vivid hues. The modular unit also well uses the distance between the door and the closet.


Designs for Pooja Rooms With Glass Walls


Like this one positioned on a stairway landing, glass pooja rooms are becoming more popular. This pooja chamber makes optimal use of space thanks to the sacred Sanskrit inscription on the glass panel.


Glass pooja rooms allow you to commune with your deity even if you aren’t physically present in the mandir. Additionally, the doors of your pooja rooms, like this mandir’s double glass doors and frosted-glass backdrop, preserve the holiness of the place.




Thank you for taking the time to go over our recommendations! To make your home as beautiful as possible, you need to go no further than our interior design services. So without delay buy pooja shelf online from Craftatoz.


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