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Emotional children making irrational decisions and saying things that they normally don’t is a very common scenario to encounter. Every child does it. Only at the age of ten, do kids begin to routinely use more sophisticated methods of emotional self-regulation.

They may be separated into two simple categories: those who fix the issue and those who endure the emotion without freely expressing it.

A person’s ability to manage their emotions is a key component of emotional intelligence. Understanding, expressing, and managing one’s emotions are all aspects of emotional intelligence.

Parents must find the best Schools Near Hadapsar that allows students to nurture their emotion

How can you improve your child’s Emotional Quotient?

Emotional Intelligence strongly influences one’s success. This led researchers to study how parents encourage emotional development. Dr. John Gottman observed how parents acknowledge their kid’s emotions and try to understand their emotional development. The result shows four outcomes:

  1. Disapproving parents: According to their perspective, negative emotions have bad influences and should be suppressed. Disapproving parents often use punishment as a means to control their child’s thoughts.
  2. Dismissing parents: Typically, they consider the feelings of children to be insignificant, and thus they try to divert thoughts from them as rapidly as possible.
  3. Laissez-faire parents: They can accept every emotional development, however, fail to assist the youngster in resolving issues or enforcing boundaries on improper conduct.
  4. Emotion coaching parents: Parents who are very patient with their child’s way of expressing and recognize the importance of unpleasant feelings are more effective in bonding with their child. They find every opportunity to connect with the child through emotional experiences and guide them on their difficult times.

The overall research shows that the children receiving proper emotional guidance from their parents are physically healthy, perform better at school, and value relationships. Balewadi School keeps students in a safe and positive environment which helps to develop a positive mind.

Steps to build strong Emotional intelligence

In order to preserve a child’s emotional quotient, one must have a solid grasp of the concept of emotional intelligence. Parents cannot force their children to learn this phenomenon. It is developed through observation or our own curiosity.

Schools Near Hadapsar teaches students to understand and inspect the root cause of negative emotions and solve it with their own intelligence. In their curriculum, they include several tests to check a student’s emotional intelligence.

Practice 5-step emotion coaching

According to Dr John Gottman

  • Firstly, parents should be aware of a child’s emotion

Parents who are their child’s emotion coaches are more cognizant about their own feelings and sensitive about how their child feels.

  • Make use of your emotions to connect and educate your kid.

Children’s feelings are not a nuisance or a task. They are a source of joy. It’s a great way to build a relationship with your kid while also providing them with guidance and support while they work through a difficult emotion.

  • Acknowledge and listen when a child speaks their heart.

When a child is expressing themselves, parents should always pay their utmost attention to their problems and converse in detail about their problems.

In Balewadi School, your kid learns how to freely express their emotions in front of their close ones making it easier for parents to read their kid’s emotions more easily.

  • Labeling the emotions

Following your attentive listening, assist your kid build an understanding of the language for emotional expression.

  • Help them to solve problems within a right limit

Emotions are uncontrollable, but behaviors are not. Help your kid develop problem-solving skills and teach them how to behave properly even with an emotional surge.

Why is building strong emotional quotients important for children?

The term “emotional quotient” refers to the ability to recognise one’s own and others’ emotions and respond appropriately in social situations. Though it is a new subject in the field of Education and Psychology, it has several benefits in a child’s life which makes it important for healthy development.

Enhances decision-making capability

Children with strong control over their emotions have better decision making capability in any field helping them to achieve great success. Teachers of the best schools near Hadapsar will guide every student in harnessing this ability and shining bright.

Social Skill Improvement

Having a strong emotional intelligence helps a person communicate better, which helps them to widen their circle of associates. The person becomes more interactive and tends to gel up with different groups of people very easily. This enhances their vision to think and aim for higher goals.

Develops the feeling of respect

A high emotional quotient helps a person think positively and set their priorities right. They mean no disrespect towards others and are efficient to complete any given task.

Boosts self-confidence

In a Balewadi School, your kid gets the attention they need to build up their confidence. Teachers help motivate students to any task with more authority and competence.

Having strong emotional intelligence helps people understand themselves more clearly which helps them perform efficiently.

Gains ability to influence others

A person with high emotional intelligence is more aware of people’s feelings and has the ability to intelligently deal with any situation. They are less likely to take an aggressive approach due to developed self-esteem. This gives them the ability and confidence to mold their surroundings accordingly.

A life free from emotional confusion and stress

Due to several reasons, children are more prone to stress, tension, insecurity and traumas. Good schools near Hadapsar will help your kid build good emotional intelligence which helps them overcome such uncalled situations and keep their mind healthy.

Develops sympathy toward others

Healthy emotion awareness makes a child grow sympathetic to people’s problems and suggest problem-solving solutions. It helps them to think wisely and set an example for the students of future generations.

Maintaining relationship

The first criteria to work in groups is to show appropriate respect and maintain a good relationship with the peer. Emotionally intelligent kids don’t take negative responses personally and try to understand the cause of such feelings. This helps them to solve problems rather than avoid them.


One can develop an emotional quotient only with proper guidance. Parents cannot simply force positive emotion and get rid of negative emotion by punishment or ignoring it.

Parents should be the first emotional coaches for their children. It is important for them to attend to their child’s emotional needs. They are required to guide them through their problems and put limits on inappropriate behaviors.

Balewadi School helps children to reach their potential and develop mature emotional intelligence. They learn to express their emotions much more maturely and can differentiate right from wrong. This helps them communicate better and influence their surroundings with finesse. Emotionally intelligent students live a healthy, successful and balanced life due to having a clear perspective on the emotional aspect of others.


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