Authindia was made “Vocal in the name of Local” to Indian Artists and Craftsmen


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Authindia was the “Vocal to Local” to Indian Artists and Craftsmen

There are many things one can learn by watching and learning about the crafts and arts of this society.

Unfortunately, artists aren’t recognized with the respect they are entitled to. A lot of artisans and craftsmen are facing problems like financial security, digital knowledge cost of production not being recognized, less opportunities for market entry, etc.

This is the exact reason that we aren’t able to see a lot of people working in this field. Even if they’re skilled however, they are not equipped with the tools.

The main goal was to provide all workers in the sector some exposure and safety.

After launching the business at himself, Kush was joined by Rajkamal and Saurabh Sharma, who helped in looking into aspects of the drop-shipping model in online commerce that local craftsmen have to go through.

As time passed, the company was noticed by local artisans and craftsmen. More than 200 people have registered on the website to sell their products in 20 categories.

In 2017, The government in India made the decision to put GST into practice. GST into practice for the benefit of its citizens.

The site of Authindia being suspended due to the fact that it was difficult for local artisans to change and they couldn’t even want to sign up with GST initially.

In this way, Authindia was unable to return to work. It wasn’t until Covid was a victim that they came back in action and this time more powerful than ever before.

In the year that saw the outbreak of COVID-19 in India i.e. 2020, our revered Prime Minister Narendra Modi Ji attempted to raise awareness among the population about the problem and the ways by taking on local businesses and assisting one another, there may be an improvement in the economy of India.

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His concept was “Vocal For Local” promoted the use of local goods more than imported items.

It gradually gained attention and since then things have drastically changed for local business owners.

As we mentioned the purpose behind Authindia has always been to aid local craftsmen and artisans, and an opportunity came up in the first lockdown.

Then, in April of 2020 they made the decision to launch their digital platform again to establish a stage that showcased the creativity of Indian artists and their traditional art was on display.

The artisans and craftsmen were also granted complete freedom to display their local cultural heritage through Authindia.

Opportunity is available to everyone, but only a few people make profit from it. The launch of the company was scheduled with the launch of its April 2020 event, the demand has grown exponentially.

Authindia is now a digital platform that has a community of over 75,000 users who are active on social media. Each month, they receive over 5 million views across all social media platforms.

The website has also been praised as part of The Startup India program and presently presents 20,000+ items of craft and art from across India. Check on their site for further information: 

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We hope that the Authindia   will shine more, and inspire the Indian entrepreneurs. Sugermint hopes to follow her journey to success.

If craftsmen and artisans get a platform to display their work in a proper manner, the world will have many more talented artists and craftsmen.

In 2015 an idea came to Kush Verma that was the catalyst for the creation of Authindia which is a platform for digital commerce for handicrafters and artisans. sector.


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