Arizona CPS corruption

arizona cps corruption


There are allegations of corruption at the Arizona Department of Child Safety. The allegations took place over a period of years. Specifically from 2000 to 2011. When more than 3,000 children died in the state. The allegations are that the Department of Child Safety knowingly took children from their homes and placed them into foster care. Where they were abused and neglected. There have been hundreds of cases where the Department was aware of abuse within a home prior to removing a child, but they still removed the child.

Yuma News

Arizona Department of Child Safety (DCS) is a corrupt organization that has been involved in multiple scandals, including the death of an infant who died while under its care.

In 2017, DCS was investigated after it had failed to check on an autistic boy who was found dead in his home on May 7th. The agency admitted that they had not visited the family in two months despite them being on its radar because they took too long to respond when he called their hotline. On top of this tragedy, another report revealed that there were multiple cases where children were abused by their parents’ partners or other adults around them. However, those responsible were never identified or punished due to a lack of evidence against them.

New York Times

The New York Times is a well-known and respected newspaper. It’s also not shy about writing about Arizona’s corrupt Child Protective Services.

The article goes into detail about how Arizona CPS has become a haven for child abusers, who are often protected by the system itself.

The article documents the case of a woman named Valerie Lynn Dickerson. Who was arrested for abusing her foster children after she attempted to set them on fire. CPS knew about Dickerson’s abusive behavior but did nothing to protect the children in her care.

Phoenix New Times

Arizona’s Department of Child Safety (DCS) is corrupt. It’s been shown to be in the pocket of big pharma, big tobacco, and other corporate interests.

The DCS is a government agency with its own police force which was created as part of Arizona’s “zero tolerance” policy toward illegal drug use by children. The DCS has been accused of being too aggressive in its efforts at removing children from their homes. As it does not have any regulatory authority over child protection services meaning that whatever happens at these facilities can only be reported on when someone files a complaint or lawsuit against them.

East Valley Tribune

Arizona CPS is not doing its job. They are failing to protect children, families, and the community in Arizona. In fact, they have become so corrupt that they don’t even care about protecting us as a whole. The East Valley Tribune has been investigating this issue for years now and we have discovered many things about how CPS operates in Arizona.

  • They’re not doing their job properly. CPS failed to protect a child who was being abused by her father. Instead of taking care of this girl’s needs, they didn’t even report it. This shows how much incompetence there is with regards to the way kids are being treated at home which could lead up to death if left untreated long enough (or worse). There needs to be more oversight on what goes on inside these facilities because right now there isn’t any accountability whatsoever when things go wrong during investigations into allegations against parents/guardians who might pose danger towards children living under their roof.”

10 News

reported that there have been more than 200 complaints lodged against the facility since 2015. The report also stated that two of those complaints were substantiated by Child Protective Services (CPS). The California Department of Social Services (CDSS) is reportedly investigating the facility at this time.

12 News

In the past few months, the Phoenix Police Department has been rocked by allegations of corruption. The latest example is the arrest of two higher-ups in the department: Sgt. Dominique Perez and Lt. Joe Serna. Both men were charged with soliciting sex from an undercover officer posing as a prostitute. Both also face additional charges for allegedly trying to cover up their crimes by lying about their involvement in a separate investigation into another officer who was arrested for soliciting prostitutes on duty at his home during business hours.

The two officers’ arrests come after revelations that led us to investigate CPS’ culture of corruption. And how it may have contributed to last year’s tragedy at Desert Ridge High School (DRHS).

Economic Pitch

Economic Pitch is a reporter for the Arizona Republic. She has written many articles about CPS corruption in Arizona and other states, including New Mexico and Washington state.

The Republic |

The Republic |

By Curt Weldon, The Republic

It’s a story that has been repeated across Arizona. CPS workers leave their jobs with the state and then find employment at other agencies, often receiving higher pay than they were making as employees of the state.

Some say it is happening because of a lack of accountability in hiring practices at CPS. Which has been plagued by scandals over the years. Others blame poor management practices or poor training for these departures from government work into private sector jobs with better benefits and salaries.

Arizona CPS corrupt

The Arizona Department of Child Safety (DCS) is a state agency that operates under the supervision of the Arizona Attorney General’s Office. DCS was established in 1999 after several high-profile child deaths and abuse cases made national headlines, including those involving:

  • A 3-year-old boy died after being left alone for hours in his grandmother’s car.
  • A boy was found dead with his throat slit at age 2.
  • A baby boy was left unsupervised for nearly an hour inside a hot car while his mother worked nearby at an indoor market.


Arizona CPS corruption is a serious issue in the state of Arizona. While some cases involve personal greed and corruption, others have more sinister motives.

The agency needs to improve its oversight and accountability. So that innocent children and families do not suffer because of the actions of a few bad apples.


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