Are you missing out on this new service from IRCTC?

Order Food Online in Train

The Indian railways during COVID had removed pantry cars from the train due to which the passengers faced so many problems. Especially those who have to cover the long distance. But do you know about the new service? If not then I will tell you. You can now Order Food Online in Train from different restaurants. The IRCTC has now tie-up with many top-rated hotels and restaurants from where passengers can order fresh and healthy food.

There are more than 500 plus restaurants tie-up with IRCTC from where you can order food while traveling by train. Some famous restaurants that have partnerships with IRCTC are Domino’s, KFC, subway, Haldiram’s, and many more also the other restaurants that deliver food with IRCTC is FSSAI approved which means the passenger can now enjoy hygienic food of their choice. There are also a lot of options you can see on the food menu. 

What are the benefits of this new service from IRCTC? 

The online food in train has so many benefits over the old pantry system. Let’s have a look at some of the benefits

The passenger can eat the food of their own choice.

 Traveler gets service from top restaurants that have FSSAI approval.

The Jain can also get special Jain food on the train.

There are a lot of options on the food menu.

 can now order food on 400 plus stations. 

You get served hygienic food on more than 7000 trains. 

Now you can enjoy food on the train while sitting on your seat.

You get connected less often. 

The containers in which your food comes are sanitize properly. 

You can also customize the order according to your preference.

From online food orders, you can get many discounts and offers.

You can share your food with your Co-passenger also. 

You can get all these services from a new system of IRCTC. 

You can pre-order your food now on the train 

With the new service from IRCTC, you can now book your food in advance. This can help you to order food online in train in case you don’t have a network or if your grandparents or parents or even your children are traveling alone. Because most of the time your parents don’t use Android phones. You can easily Pre-order your food with the following steps.

Firstly you have to visit the IRCTC official page.

Then there you have to go to the option to book food online. 

After that there you will see the two options. In one, you have to fill in your PNR number and in the second you have to write your train number. 

Then you have to select your boarding date. On which you are going to travel on your train. 

Secondly, you have to choose your delivery station along with the restaurant.

Lastly, you have selected the food that you want to eat. 

How to avail of the new service from IRCTC? 

It is very easy to avail this new service. To order food in train you have to follow the simple procedure. 

You can order food with just a 10-digit PNR number.  Let’s see how? 

When you first visit the official website of IRCTC, you will notice the bar to add a PNR number. You must enter a 10-digit PNR number there.

Then, on your screen, you’ll see a list of several restaurants.

You must choose from a selection of delivery stations and restaurants. Your station where you want your food and the restaurant from which you want your food. 

Then you can choose the meal item you desire from the menu options.

If discounts and special offers are available, you can include these as well.

Then pay via online banking or cash on delivery.

After that, you’ll receive a confirmation message, and you can sit back and enjoy your meal.

Let’s see more services from IRCTC, in case you miss any 

Except order food online in train you can also take a lot more benefits from the IRCTC official site. 

As you can book tickets online from the website. You can track your train location also. Or you can see your PNR status. But now you can also enjoy some more benefits from the official website.

Now you can come to know about the vacant seats on the train. Now whenever the seat will get vacant you will get a notification on your phone. For this passenger has to on the push notifications on the website or the app.

You can get a confirm ticket on the sport: sometimes when you want to book a seat on the train but there is no seat then you don’t book the ticket. But if some passenger cancels their ticket then you will be informed so that you can book your ticket.

Change boarding station: you can now change the boarding station also.

Let’s see how

Log in to the official website of IRCTC. 

Then visit booking ticket history.

Select your train and then you can select change boarding point.

Then you can see options of different stations from that list you can select a new boarding station.


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