Are you looking for to grow your hair faster? Let us help you!


You got a bad haircut, and now you want to erase its memory by making your hair grow at a faster rate. Or maybe, you have a wedding to aim for, and the bookmarked hair look requires your hair to be longer.


Perhaps you are tied of investing in extensions, and just want to make your hair grow longer, because enough is enough.


There can be very many other reasons why you want to make your hair grow faster. No matter what the reasoning, the path is the same, through healthy interventions.


Of course, you might also need to consult your Dermatologist in Lahore, as at times, the hair fall and lack of growth has to do with your health, and so, a doctor’s assessment is important in this case.


Grow your hair faster


Brush your hair properly

Brushing can help in promoting blood flow to your hair. Moreover, regular brushing helps in preventing tangles and knots in the hair, that otherwise can cause hair breakage.


Eat better

Just as your car needs good and ample fuel to run faster, so do your hair. You cannot expect them to grow at a faster rate without them having enough nutrients.


In this endeavor, you not only need to eat better, taking plenty of natural fruits and vegetables alongside protein, but you should also refrain from doing restrictive diets like Keto.


Eliminate hot showers

Even though there is nothing as soothing as a hot shower, especially when it very chilly outside, but your love of hot showers might be the reason why your hair is not growing.


Hot showers cause the scalp to become dehydrated, which has a grave impact on the quality and health of the hair.


Explore some essential oils

Essential oils can also benefit your hair. Lavender oil is one such oil that helps in accelerating hair growth. Furthermore, it also helps in keeping the scalp healthy.


Similarly, peppermint oil is also good for stimulating hair growth, as it promotes blood flow to the region. It also is good for improving volume of your hair as well.


Another essential oil that you can rely on is rosemary oil. It encourages thicker strand, better cellular generation, and hair growth as well. Furthermore, rosemary can also aid in treatment of alopecia as well.


When using essential oils, make sure that you first mix them with a carrier oil, like coconut, olive, almond oils. Massage them gently on the scalp to stimulate blood flow to the scalp.


Go easy on the heating tools

Heating tools like blow dryer, curler, straighter are staples for the ladies, but they might also be what’s standing between you and your long hair.


The heat from these tools damages the strand, which prevents it from growing and flourishing. So, try to moderate the use of heating tools if you cannot eliminate their use altogether.  Also, wear use heat protectant product before using these heating tools so the damage can be contained.


Refrain from dying

Dyes contain harmful chemicals that can damage your hair, so try to avoid them.


Regular hair cuts

For your hair to grow, you might also need to invest in regular trims. These will help in getting rid of split ends, that tend to form when hair are not kept up with sufficiently. These can then prevent hair from increasing in length, as the energy is expended futilely in the split ends.


Silk pillowcase

There is a greater chance of experiencing hair fall from friction from cotton pillowcases. Silk pillowcases are easier on the hair since they cause less friction. They also then cause less tangling and the subsequent breakage as well.


Try supplements and medication

You can benefit from supplements containing biotin. Moreover, you can also consult your Skin Specialist in Karachi if there is a need for you to take medication like Minoxidil.



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