Are Wasps Dangerous? Find Out Everything Here!


Summers are here, and so are the wasps. Flying here and there, these tiny pests are one of the most hated pests on this planet. Usually, all pests are hated by humans; however, some top the list due to their physical appearance or damage they did. For example, ants are dangerous but not hated very much.

Wasps can be found in any season. However, summer and spring are their breeding seasons, and they become abundant. With their painful sting, wasps are not something you want near you. They can build nests in your home and, as a result, can damage several things. A pest control company is the best option to get rid of them. This is because they are fully equipped to deal with them despite their stings.

However, are the stings of wasps only danger, or some other dangers are also there. Here you will find everything as the following are the reasons for wasps being dangerous.

Infectious Stings

Wasps are well known as well, as hated for their painful stings. And you know what the worst thing about their sting is, they can use it again and again on your body without taking a break. Usually, it is said that wasps sting you when you try to disturb their nest. However, this happens only in a few types of wasps. Most of the wasps will sting you whenever they want. 

It’s pretty painful to bear their stings. Their stings are infectious and cause your skin to swell, along with the introduction of pain. Usually, it cures after a few days. However, in some cases, it causes serious infections. As a result, severe allergy cases come out, and death might happen. It happens when the whole colony of wasps attacks you.

Germs Carrier

Other than causing infections through their stings, wasps also carry a number of other diseases to your home. Dirty places and dirty water are typical attractions for wasps. Therefore they carry different germs with them. And when they sit on your clothes, food, and daily appliances, they cause these germs to transfer.

These germs will make you sick. Moreover, you can experience different sorts of allergies due to these terms as well. Other than these germs supporting diseases, wasps don’t actually cause some serious diseases.

Damage to Your Homes

Though it seems that wasps are not doing any damage to your homes, it’s not the fact. The only significant risk associated with wasps is their stings. However, they can do damage to your homes as well. They do the following key damages to your property.

  • Wood wasps and horntail wasps are the most prominent, damaging home wasps. You need to be aware of them when you find them in your home or near it. They can grow bigger than normal wasps and cause severe damage to wood accessories present in your homes.
  • Wasps have the ability to pierce through different materials present in your home. Moreover, they will chew the wood and other materials to lay eggs there. They also do so to get into the warm attic of your home. In total, all these things weekend your home by creating holes and cracks in it.
  • Their nests are also alarming for your homes. Nests grow bigger and bigger with every passing day. They will create holes in your ceilings and walls.

Tips to Keep Wasps Away

Here are the essential tips to keep wasps away from your homes.

  • Keep your doors and windows closed to avoid their entrance.
  • Eliminate your home’s trash as soon as possible, as it attracts the wasps.
  • Stayed water is the main attraction for almost every variety of wasps. Eliminate those places where water can stay and keep them dry.
  • Look for nests and try to remove them, as these are the driving force behind wasps.
  • It’s not easy to eliminate their nests due to their stings. You can hire experts for wasp control in Langley.


Above mentioned risks associated with wasps describe that wasps are dangerous for your health and property. Therefore you must keep them away from you and your home. Due to their painful stings, it’s best to take assistance from experts when eliminating them. Having said that, do not attempt to get rid f them on your own. It can prove to be quite harmful to you. Therefore, leave this matter to experts.


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