An unbiased taste test is conducted by protein bar enthusiasts.


You requested an objective Built Bar Puffs survey, and that is exactly what we will provide.

For this evaluation, two members of the SET FOR SET group sampled each bar in a Built Bar 12 count blended package, counting regular and Puffs.

We arrived at a certain surface trade-off and minor uncertainty.

Obviously, taste is subjective, and we all have our preferences, so we made an effort to combine our top picks with the tastiest bars so that everyone could enjoy them.

Here is a list of every flavour of built-in beverage we try:

Cookies ‘n’ Cream, Churros, Banana Cream Pie (Puffs), Raspberry, Cherry Barcia, Peanut Butter Brownie, Coconut Marshmallow (Puffs), Coconut Almond, Double Chocolate Mint Brownie

Without any holds barred, let’s jump into the Built Bar Puffs audit!

What Is a Built Bar, Exactly?

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In 2018, Assembled Bar Puffs debuted in Mapleton, Utah.

Making the best-tasting protein bar imaginable was the only objective that the organisers had as their top priority.

Yes, it’s aggressive, but the vast majority dislike the flavour of protein bars, regardless of their protein amount.

However, Constructed Bar has made significant progress toward its goal of creating a protein bar that tastes great and is also a superior option.

With more than 50 flavours available across several products, such as Built Boost and Built Broth, Constructed Bar Puffs is one of the fastest growing protein bar businesses.

Review of the Built Bar Taste Test Results

The results of our blind study of Built Bar Puffs’ blended 12-pack are presented below.

Just a quick reminder that these bars are available in two flavours: classic and marshmallow-infused.

The typical bar has an improved filling within and an outside shell of chocolate.

I was surprised to see that the filling is slightly chewy.

The Puffs form’s marshmallow-like filling is airier, lighter, and less chewy than the regular filling.

Value, nutrition, and bar ingredients

In the section below, we looked at a few factors that affected our overall Built Bar Puffs evaluation.

All things considered, there is more to think about when choosing protein bars than just flavour.

Additional information on what these two think about is provided below.

A Built-In Bar’s Value


Fabricated Bar Puffs are sold in a variety of places and online.

Bars come in single or mixed flavour 12-packs for $29.99, while single bars cost $2.77.

Although comparable to other protein bars, this may be too much for some people.

Nevertheless, the rating is accurate given the fantastic flavours and first-rate components.


The nutritional information and ingredients for fake Bar Puffs are analysed here.

Fabricated Bars are healthier than other protein bars since they have a low calorie content (130 calories per bar), a low sugar and fat content, a high protein content (17 grammes per bar), and almost any additives.

Constructed Bars Likewise Have A High Fiber Content

around 6 grammes per bar.

This represents typically 20% of our daily worth, which is far higher than the majority of other well-known protein bars.

Because of the 6-goof fibre, the net sugars are lower than in most protein bars.


is constantly desired in terms of nutrition, but fibre is one of those ignored nutrients that is just as important.

That is only our opinion, however these bars satisfy all dietary requirements.

Built Bars set themselves apart from the most well-known protein bars in this way.

The graphic below examines a few important nutritional components like complete calories, sugar, fibre, and others.


A extremely uncommon example of bars with a limit mending list is Construct Bar Puffs.

This is an amazing feat all around, especially in terms of fusing taste with nourishment.

Utilizing sugar alcohols rather than actual sugar incurs a cost, as is evident.

Although it’s not an awful choice, if you were familiar with sugar alcohols, you would be aware of how difficult they are to absorb.

Due to their high water solubility, most sugar alcohols have the potential to upset the stomach or result in other gastrointestinal distresses, especially

Over the course of a few hours,

Nobody was rushing to the restroom even though we had four bars.

Below is a screenshot of the ingredients list from a Built Double Chocolate bar.

The vast majority of the components noted can be located in numerous bars, with the exception of a few flavourings.

As can be seen, the fixings are fairly standard.

The major components worth paying attention to are erythritol and gelatin.

Erythritol is a sugar alcohol that makes things taste better but can also upset your stomach.


Acts as an emulsifier and gives the filling its chewy, jam-like texture.

This has no nutritional value, but it makes bars highly chewy, which some people might find odd at first.

Final Words On The Built Bar

We rate Built Bars a solid 4.5/5 in terms of flavour, nutrition, and ingredients.

There aren’t many bars in any of the three areas that come to mind.

Several major themes from our analysis include the following:

Overall, these Built Bar Puffs had a good flavour.

The flavours were consistent with the trademarks and what we accept the usual flavour ought to imply a flavour like, with the exception of a small number that are renown for being difficult to replicate, such as Banana Crème Pie.

They’re not overly sweet, which is something to be grateful for because we believe that many bars employ pleasantness to mask less interesting flavour characteristics.


The relatively large number of bars’ focuses were excessively chewy for our tastes.

We acknowledge that additives like gelatin and cornstarch are to blame.

These adjustments are typically employe to improve a dish’s soundness and thickness (meaning chewiness).

Unfortunately, this results in a bar that is extremely chewy inside—think Swedish Fish.

The Built Bars’ Least Appealing Aspect

This was undoubtedly the least interesting aspect of these bars. Between our teeth, the filling would become stuck. That’s fine if we’re eating a sticky bear, but it’s not what a “Chocolate Brownie” is suppose to have.

Constructed offers two to three dozen flavour options, but they are all treat or bite flavours, which is a bit excessive and washed out given that everyone else is doing the same thing.

This shouldn’t be take to mean that the flavours aren’t delicious; we’ve only recently got use to the simpler flavours, so we can handle them. Furthermore, they have Built Bar Coupon


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