All You Need to Know About Using Word Counters

All You Need to Know About Using Word Counters
All You Need to Know About Using Word Counters

As a student, you will know the importance of abiding by the word count in academic writing. However important, it is tough to comply with the instructed word limit. This is why word counter tools have gained importance.

Sometimes either you have a lot of information that you cannot fit within the word count. Sometimes it is just the opposite. But whatever the situation may be, not maintaining the word count is never an option. You will have to suffer consequences if you do not maintain the word count mentioned.

If you use a word counter from the beginning, you will be able to keep track of how many more words you need to wrap your documentation.

Now you may have a question, how to use one such tool? the answer to this question is explained in the points below –


Check the entire document at once

Whenever you are using a word counting tool, finish whatever you have to write and then check the word count at last. In the middle, you can check once to see the number of words left. But do not do it constantly. If you check the word count after writing each stanza, it will do nothing but increase your confusion. Hence complete the writing and check the word count.

Include the entire document

Do not plan on skipping the heading or other introductory parts that might be insignificant. Remember that however insignificant it might be, if it is a part of the core writing, it must be included while counting the number of words.

First, proofread and then count words

During proofreading, major portions of the document get edited. Hence, it is better to first proofread the content and then count the number of words. Else you have to repeat the process.

Take the suggestions

The word counting tools give the total number of words and suggestions on a better choice of words. It is better if you take and accept these suggestions and implement them. It might need a few adjustments as well to fit the word count. Whichever the situation may be, taking the suggestions will undoubtedly be fruitful.

Now, consider that you are doing a Starbucks case study; using accurate words to describe the company’s vision is important to create an impact. If any such suggestions are shown, accept them. You never know they might make your content more compact, eradicating the long phrases. Next, there might be a lot of information that you can put and, in the flow, you might cross the word limit hugely. Keeping an eye on the word count by using the tools can be helpful.

If you still cannot manage, it is better to take the help of college paper writing services and buy your term paper, essay, or dissertation, whatever you are working on. If so, you do not have to worry anymore about the word count. The experts will take care of it.

Why Word Count Is Important

Sometimes you as a writer may be required to write within in a certain word or character limit. College essays are a classic example of where this is the case where students have to write 250-, 500-, or 1000-word essays.

Some people may write more than the expected length of the material, while others fall short of the words. Whether writers have trouble writing too few works or too many, a word counter can help.  So why do you need to worry about word count?

Keeping a strict word count not only benefits writers but the publishers and agents as well. Readers also benefit from word count limits since they can often read more efficiently and aren’t just trying to wade through a list of details. Regardless of what kind of writer you are, you should keep word count in mind as you’re writing.

and detail with the reader’s attention span. Readers may skim a 150 words article, but may not have consumed enough information to understand the content. However, your readers might be bored after reading through a 4,000-word white paper about a topic. Check this – 7 Things You Should Know About Law School Admissions Essays – Tips & Tricks!

some readers may skim while others may read for comprehension. One contributing factor is the reading level of your audience. Detail passages with complex words will be harder for younger, or less educated, readers to comprehend.

Summary – Word counters help you know the number of words and help you in making the content compact and easy to read. This then directly lays a positive impact on your academic scores. Read the article to know how to use it.

Author Bio – Alley John is a former educator who is now associated with where he helps students with their assignments. He has given his insights into the word counter tool of the website.

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