All you need to Know about Dedicated Server Cost


If your website has outgrown the resources of shared hosting, it’s time to think about alternate options. Although there are several server hosting types available, owners of growing websites often go for dedicated server hosting. This is because a dedicated server comes with a host of benefits and features, including top-tier security, unbeatable performance, fast loading speed, HHD/SSD storage, DDoS protection, and whatnot. However, since it is the most reliable and secure server option among other options, it’s on the pricier end of the spectrum. Before we get down to exploring how much a dedicated server plan costs, let’s understand what the cost entails:

Dedicated Server Hosting

In a dedicated server hosting plan, one user gets all access to the server resources. To put it in a nutshell, as a user, you get complete access to bandwidth, storage, and RAM. Interesting, isn’t it? The core factor that sets dedicated servers apart is custom configurations. You can control the configurations as required and make the most of the service. With a dedicated server, scaling resources up or down is possible, whenever you want. This makes them ideal for websites that receive thousands of visitors regularly and require more server resources. The overall performance of dedicated servers is unmatched, and it becomes the right choice for ever-growing websites. However, all these benefits combine to spike the price of a dedicated server.

Dedicated Server Price Range

Considering its unmatched qualities, dedicated servers are expensive. The cost of even a cheap dedicated server starts at a whopping $100 a month. While looking at dedicated hosting providers, you’ll come across options, such as managed or semi-managed servers. You can choose one focusing on the support level and tools your website will require. The following factors also influence the cost of dedicated servers:

·       Service provider

It’s incredibly important to conduct thorough research before investing in a dedicated server plan. Because sometimes, a standard dedicated server plan can cost up to $1000 a month.

·       Contract Timeframe

Did you know that you end up paying more if you go for a monthly package over a yearly one? Look for plans that charge annually or after two years to save some extra bucks.

·       Hosting Type

This part also requires you to research the type of dedicated server solution you need. For users with little-to-no technical literacy, a managed server plan works best.

·       Memory and Storage

Keep extra money on the side to upgrade your plan if your website will need more resources, memory, or even processing power in the future. On the other hand, you can invest in a physical server which is costlier, and you need to pay between $2000 to $10,000. But buying the hardware is cost-effective, as you don’t have to stress over paying a hefty amount every month. Upgrading hardware is crucial for fulfilling future needs, as hardware gets outdated quickly. Investing in a physical server comes with a responsibility to set, maintain and secure it on your own. You either have to do it yourself or hire an IT professional, which will add up the cost.

Dedicated Server Setup Cost

If you’re someone with absolutely no technical knowledge, you can ask the service provider to set up the server for you. Some service providers don’t charge a fee, but some will charge you around $100-$150, depending on the service provider you go for. 

Cost for Dedicated Server Maintenance

Keep the server maintenance cost in mind while looking for a service provider. These service providers offer 24/7 service, preventing you from keeping an eye on the server. That’s why the maintenance can cost up to $100 to $300.

Tips to Save Money on Dedicated Servers

The cost of purchasing and using dedicated servers can be overwhelming. But worry not, as you can save some bucks by:

  •       Going for the resources that you’ll actually need and use.
  •       Taking your time to compare the prices of different service providers.
  •       Looking for discounted deals and seasonal sales to find the best price.
  •       Going for an unmanaged server, and learning to manage it along the way.

Dedicated Server Features

Deciding to invest in a dedicated server is different than knowing the kind of plan you need that caters to your requirements. It’s crucial to go through its features and ensure they’ll work for you. Therefore, before you invest in a hosting plan, look for the following features, as they influence the cost, too.

·       Customization

No doubt, you can customize dedicated servers in a way that works best for you. However, ask your service provider if they’ll allow you to choose an operating system, custom apps, or software, or allow space as you want.

·       Page Load Time

When a user visits your site, they wouldn’t want to wait for a long time to load the page. And it could lead to revenue loss for most businesses. That’s why to be clear on the uptime. Most service provider assures 99.5% uptime at the least. However, the number should be more for a dedicated server.

·       Security Policy

Security is one of the factors that make dedicated servers a superior option to share, the best cloud hosting, and VPS servers. However, don’t trick yourself into thinking that they aren’t prone to cybercrimes. So, it’s crucial to get enough information regarding security and ensure it includes software, such as malware protection, firewall configurations, and so on.

·       Customer Support

Getting premium quality customer support is essential, especially when you’re paying thousands of dollars for a top-level hosting plan. Customer support must come with the option to speak to a representative whenever you come across a query or problem.  Although service providers have different approaches to providing customer support, it could be automated as well. Whatever option you choose, just ensure it offers quick assistance.

·       Storage Capacity

When choosing a plan, double-check the RAM and bandwidth, especially if your website receives higher volumes of traffic.

Wrap Up

Dedicated servers undoubtedly come with a set of great features, and no wonder why they’re expensive. However, you don’t need to pay thousands of dollars for the dedicated server plan. Instead, look for ways to reduce some costs. Know your requirements and list down the features you’ll be needing. Ask for a quote from different service providers and go for the one that fits your budget and does the job, too.


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