AI-Driven Business Marketing Platform Giving Thousands of Prizes and Millions of Points to Shoppers


CLICK 2 EARN program of iListUGo is a golden opportunity for Shoppers to take benefit of the online marketplace. Shoppers can also earn thousands of points to redeem for gift cards and products by just browsing on contains more than 32000 business listings.  iListUGo is introducing marketing value in the form of AI-driven, cumulative browsing and search opportunities to millions of customers around the world.  Businesses and shoppers in the Americas, Africa, and Australia as well are utilizing and availed benefits from iListUGo .

Connecting Shoppers with the right Businesses
AI Engines of iListUGo connect users to targeted businesses through AI-driven matchmaking, using users’ search interests and online behavior. Providing high-quality results involves a complete analysis of trending search behaviors too.

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Click 2 Earn
Shoppers and users of iListUGo can also take benefit of AI Marketplace through CLICK 2 EARN program. Furthermore, it rewards shoppers with gift vouchers and free products. Shoppers simply have to navigate the website and browse new products (over 1million items from popular brands from around the world) and leave reviews to earn points. These points redeem into gift cards and free products as well.

Users who join via an affiliate link or QR code get $5.00 USD in credit as a reward. This reward model is perfect for bloggers, influencers, or those looking to promote an online business marketing platform in exchange for monetary credit. Learn more about the business referral program here.

AI Marketplace
Shoppers who use iListUGo are likely drawing upon preceding search engine behaviors, preferring frivolously connected strings of words that they hope will bring them to their projected results.  Searches for “women’s clothing”, “cheesecake”, or “emergency dentist” are a few examples of the abstract keyword matches that shoppers use to find their digital destinations. Business listings with complete information are more likely to utilize the keywords in their descriptions, resulting in an enhanced business score.

Businesses can add Amenities
Businesses on iListUGo have the option to add the important amenities offered at their business. For instance amenities like “Accepts Credit Cards”, “Handicap Accessible”, “Pets Welcome”, etc.  Transparency is crucial for businesses trying to get attraction online.  iListUGo offers an “amenities” and “tags” section for all business accounts, where business owners can showcase their pros to increase business ranking on the website.  For instance, amenities associated with delivery (like DoorDash, GrubHub, etc) can be displayed on the business’s splash page for more visits from shoppers. These links are redirected directly to the ordering app or service that is chosen.

Small to mid-sized Local businesses have much to achieve in the online space.  An AI platform is necessary to provide them with the right resources.  iListUGo is solving this dilemma by providing AI marketing tools.  Shoppers can earn thousands of points and free gifts. Retailers can get new customers through the advanced AI ecosystem of iListUGo.


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