AHVAN an on-line contemporary and traditional handmade Indian handicrafts


This is an interview with Nishant Patar, an Indian startup and co-founder of AHVAN the online shop for handicrafts.

The Nishant Patar Story (AHVAN):

In the year 2017, Nishant Patar capitalized on his corporate marketing experience through the launch of AHVAN which grew into an online company that is a leader in the production and selling premium qualitative indian crafts.

Before establishing AHVAN in the beginning of 2018 Nishant Patar had founded two Internet businesses prior to Mumbai.

He also served as an Expert in Digital Marketing Senior for the industry of Services Software Engineer; Marketing Manager of Advertising for the well-known ISO firm Software Head at An Advertising and PR Agency; and Engineering Intern at the Consultant Firm.

Let us know a bit about your business:

AHVAN offers Indian Handicraft Products. We provide handmade products that are created by extremely skilled craftsmen of the traditional who hail from Kutch, corporate marketing

What was the process that led you to your concept or idea for your business?

My family has been making and selling handicrafts for many generations. Therefore, I grew up in a family environment that was a natural thing to learn about the products. While working for other people, I learned new skills and decided to apply those skills to create my own concept. Now I’m trying to resolve problems for rural people and families by using AHVAN.

Which service(s) and/or product(s) offer you? provide?

We currently have our $3000 and our partner’s $20000 worth of inventory. We are selling more than 118 handicraft items on our online store.

What’s unique to your business?

Our audience is the rural population of India that are still using phones and speak only in their the native language.

Therefore, we communicate with the people in their native dialects and offer traditional rural products to them. We have urban customers as well who appreciate our distinctive handmade products.

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We have developed materials for both Hindi as well as English, Hindi for 800 million rural people, and english for the educated 200 million peoples.So not just selling local products to the masses but also employing unique strategies.

What is it that prompted you to choose this particular type of company?

I’d like to support my family, so I chose to utilize my skills and experience to help a worthy cause.

Your goal from the beginning?

Up to now, Indian craftspeople are not supported by a platform that can help them, and they’re not trained to utilize the current system.

To do that, we take the easy way, visit them and pay them, then sell the product on the market. This method is ideal for them as they can concentrate on making crafts instead of marketing.

What is the number of employees work in your company?

The current team is a staff consisting of three people. We manage everything from marketing, packaging and dispatching.

What are the goals of your company?

Our aim is to be India’s leading Handicraft E-commerce business and to empower Indian Craftspeople.

How can you create an effective client base?

We’ve sold over 2000 units in the past on the internet and offline. We’ve gotten our customers through face-to-face marketing to online platforms like Facebook, Quora, Olx, Facebook as well as flipkart, amazon and club factory.

At present, AHVAN E-commerce website has the highest position in google search results for several items. We have more than 2000 monthly users and 3000+ sessions per month.

What are your biggest mistakes and what have you learned from these?

Paying for marketing that is not working, poor hosting, the worst choice of packaging in the market, not understanding the market’s whirlwind and running a business that is over-budget and, lastly, burning more cash and not generating revenue.After all of this has been done and we’ve decided to not repeat the same mistake.

Who was your biggest inspiration?

We were delighted when one of our clients who came from South India praised us for the quality and value. He motivated us to remember why we should not give up too soon.

What are your biggest mistakes that you’ve committed?

Cash is being burned faster and not finding the right way to earn revenues.

If you could offer one thing to say to anyone who is just beginning their journey what is it?

Don’t quit early and become the best jugadoo you possibly can !

Does your company contribute to the society or community?

Up to now, Indian artisans have no system to help them, and aren’t taught to make use of the system currently in place.

We simply visit them and pay them, then offer it on the market. This is the best method for them as they can concentrate on making the art, not marketing. We support Indians artisans by paying them in advance as soon as we can.

We hope that you find this inspirational interview with Nishant Patar who is an Entrepreneur and co-founder of AHVAN helpful and inspirational throughout your entrepreneurial journey . It will keep you motivated.

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