A Step-by-Step Guide to How to Indane Gas Booking

A Step-by-Step Guide to How to Indane Gas Booking

The usage of LPG gas has become an integral part of Indian homes. The usage of gas has made the process of cooking swift and simple. With the advent of internet and broadband development, the process of LPG gas booking has also become effortless. The majority of the gas providers Indane has their dedicated website, mobile application and a specific toll-free number for LPG booking. Using these, you can process your Indane gas booking in a swift and easy manner.

Most of the Indane gas users might not be aware of their many gas booking facilities. So, to give you a brief insight about the same, we have listed a step-to-step guide on how to process your Indane gas booking. Keep reading to know more!

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to book Indane gas,

  • Book your Indane gas via online methods: 

Online gas booking is one of the fastest and easiest ways of booking your LPG gas. By opting for online methods, you can successfully avoid the hassles of travelling to the nearest Indane office to get your processes performed offline.

To initiate your Indane gas booking online, all you have to do is to visit the Indane website and log in to your account. If you do not have an active account that exists, you can create one. You will be required to fill in the personal details (your name, place of residence, state, mobile number, etc.).

After doing this, you will be sent the details of your created account on your registered mobile number. A 16-digit ID will be assigned to you which you can use to register for your LPG cylinder. By utilizing your Indane account, you can also apply for the refilling of a gas cylinder at your home.

The gas delivery is fast and easy. The online Indane gas booking also enables its users to keep a track of the booked cylinder. You can also decide the time and date of the delivery according to your convenience and your preference. It is the effortless way which is preferred by the majority of Indane gas users.

  • Book your Indane gas via SMS: 

If you want to get your Indane gas booking done without having to make use of the internet, you can use the SMS services to do your gas booking. Moreover, if you stay at a place that does not have a stable internet connection or Wi-Fi, you can go for this option.

It does not make you pay any extra. Only the regular message price is deducted from your account for booking your gas. To initiate the process, you have to send a text to 7718955555. All you have to do is to enter your 16-digit ID to confirm your Indane gas booking. No extra step is required.

You can just place an order by texting the Indane gas specifically allotted number. The gas cylinder will be delivered at your mentioned location and at the given time and date. You can keep the cash ready to pay to the company.

The only drawback of making your gas booking via SMS is that you cannot pay online and will have to keep the exact money handy to pay during the delivery. However, it works just fine and saves your travelling time to the office to place an order for a new gas cylinder.

  • Book your Indane gas via IVRS: 

IVRS stands for Interactive Voice Response. This service enables a person to reach out to the desired service provider by connecting them through their portal. It is as easy as any other method of gas booking (via SMS or the internet).

If you do not have an IVRS service, you can reach out to 7718955555 to get it commenced. Once, your number gets registered, you can call the IVRS line to book your gas. The automated voice confirms your 16-digit gas ID before proceeding.

If you want to place an order for an LPG gas cylinder, you have to press 1 and your Indane gas booking gets confirmed. A confirmation text would be sent to your registered mobile number along with your booking number.

  • Book your Indane gas via WhatsApp: 

Indane also has a dedicated WhatsApp number to facilitate the ease of booking LPG. To make use of this service, you have to save this number – 7588888824.

When you want to place your gas booking, text the word ‘REFILL’ to this number on WhatsApp to confirm your Indane gas booking. To check the current status of your booking, you can text #STATUS to the same number to fetch the details.

  • Book your Indane gas via mobile app: 

Download the IndianOil One application from the google store or the apple store. Create an account and go to the booking option. After making the booking using your Indane gas ID, make the payment. Automatically your Indane gas booking will be confirmed.


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