A Simple Guide to Wholesale Boxes- Materials, Sizes, and Shipping


When it comes to packaging your products, you have many options. Plastic clamshells, boxes with windows, customized boxes with logo… the list goes on. But when you’re looking for a new way to package your products—or if you’re interested in getting into wholesale distribution but don’t know where to start—wholesale boxes may be the best option for you. For example, if your products are expensive or breakable and ideally need some extra padding or protection from bumps and bruises during shipping — like glass bottles or pitchers — wholesale boxes are an ideal choice.

This blog will provide you with a detailed guide to wholesale boxes, including their materials, sizes, and shipping. So, if you’ve ever wondered how to buy wholesale boxes for your company’s products, then read on!

What are Wholesale Boxes?

If you want to buy things that are cheap, wholesale boxes will help you. They are the same as regular boxes. You can get them near warehouses and in stores. Like all corrugated packaging, wholesale boxes rely on flutes (the “materials” of the box) sandwiched between two pieces of thick paperboard. To make a completely flat case with no stacking ability whatsoever, the middle layers would need to be stiffer than the outer ones; as such, it can be difficult to find wholesale boxes with less than three flutes.

Wholesale boxes typically rely on a combination of “corrugated cardboard” and paperboard for their strength, though there are exceptions. A common corrugated box is made up of two thick pieces of cardboard. In the middle, there are many layers of a thinner cardboard. The pieces on the side are glued together.

Wholesale boxes are sold in large quantities with no packaging or covers. This is because they are sold by the whole box, not one at a time. It’s best to find someone who can deliver them in big groups of boxes at once, like when you order them on a pallet or skid. Since wholesale boxes are often used to hold heavy items like canned goods, bricks, or picture frames, they must be strong enough to protect their contents.

Before ordering wholesale boxes from a supplier, make sure you have an accurate idea of how many items you’ll need. Though some suppliers will give you great deals if you buy in bulk, others won’t save any money at all if your order is too small relative to the dimensions of their skid. It’s better for your budget—and for our earth!—to purchase just what you need than to overpay for unused space on a pallet.

How Can You Make Wholesale Boxes?

Find Out Your Product Needs

There are two factors to consider when determining the size of your wholesale boxes: how many items you’ll need to pack and the dimensions of those items. Of course, the interior space in a given box will be different from one product to another—that’s why any supplier you work with must give you a dimensional breakdown for all their wholesale boxes.

Understanding the Various Sizes of Wholesale Boxes

In general, there are three varieties of wholesale boxes: small, medium, and large. However, various suppliers have their specific names for these sizes. If possible, ask your prospective supplier what each type is called, so there won’t be any confusion when ordering or receiving goods.

Find Out the Customers’ Needs and Wishes

A supplier may carry a wide selection of wholesale boxes, but that doesn’t mean you’ll find one to fit every type of product. Before placing an order with your supplier, talk to them about the different products you carry and what size they need. This will save both time and money by ensuring you receive the right wholesale boxes for your inventory.

Boxes Come in Different Materials

The next thing to think about is what material your boxes should be made out of and why. For instance, some companies like using cardboard wholesale boxes because they’re very sturdy and inexpensive. However, you cannot ship all goods safely in these types of boxes—especially when it comes to leftover food or fragile items. Other packaging materials include:

Corrugated Fiberboard

This type of packaging is very sturdy and strong, but it’s also fairly expensive.


Another strong material that you will find in several shapes and sizes. If you find good wholesale boxes made out of this material, they can last a long time and keep your products safe from water, dirt, debris, etc.

Spend Some Time for Designing

When you’re looking for the perfect wholesale box to ship your goods, make sure it’s exactly what you need. It doesn’t matter how durable they are if they don’t look professional or lack sufficient compartments.

All that matters are that your products arrive safely and on time—and that customers find them appealing enough to buy. Before you start gathering all of these materials and packaging them together in a box, spend some time designing the outer part of the package: the label.

You can design it yourself so long as you have access to Photoshop or another digital art program. If not, plenty of people are willing to work for cheap (or free). Every box printing company focus on designing these boxes, so you should focus on them too.

Quality Testing Is a Big Must

Every single box out there will be tested for quality before it leaves the factory. Of course, some of them will pass, and some won’t, but even if they do, they will almost always go through multiple rounds of tests.

Some products are subjected to these tests more than others. For example, electronics usually have their own set of criteria that boxes must meet to protect them adequately enough for shipping purposes.

With that said, here’s a list of things that your product will most likely be put through:

Crush Testing:

Just as it sounds, how much weight can your outer package handle?

Shock/Drop Tests:

Durability testing; how much can your package handle be dropped from a given height?

Water Resistance:

How well does your outer package hold up to water?

Final Thoughts:

This blog has properly elaborated on you about wholesale packaging boxes. Moreover, now know all the steps of packaging & designing a box. So, package your product in a well-designed box and get it ready for shipping to the customers.


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