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A look inside Shahrukh Khan’S House Mannat: The actor has made his home a haven for guests. This spacious residence has two floors and elevators to connect the living areas on each floor. The living spaces include a library, entertainment centre, and private bar. Last year, a picture of the house went viral during the monsoons. Every year, the actor gets the house’s exteriors covered with plastic sheets to protect them from rain.

Gauri Khan’s walk-in closet

The first thing you’ll notice about Gauri Khan’s House Mannat walk-in closet is the detailed, open-framed shelves and chandelier. This space is a girl’s dream, and it’s definitely no small feat to create such an opulent room. The walk-in closet has been redesigned in recent years. The space now resembles a chamber, and includes a large dresser with thick sculpted borders and a chandelier. In addition, there are drawers and cabinets and open-framed racks.

While Gauri Khan and Shahrukh are style icons, they also share an interest in antiques. Gauri Khan’s walk-in closet has a vintage-style dressing table with an artistic mirror. In addition, Shahrukh and Gauri Khan are business owners with offices in Mannat. Both have stylish designs, and both have modern offices to complement their homes. Shahrukh Khan’s office has a recording room and glass shelves. While Gauri Khan’s desk is minimalistic, she still managed to keep all her clothes organized.

The walk-in closet in the house of the Bollywood superstar was made to look like a dream come true for Gauri Khan. She’s got a lavish closet, complete with a walk-in shoe closet. She and Shahrukh Khan have spent a lot of money on the space, and she has a few things to show for it.

The walk-in closet was also redesigned with the couple’s prized possessions in mind. Gauri Khan has selected two beautiful sculptures in the walk-in closet: a life-sized marble Radha-Krishna sculpture and a jade Ganpati. While she may not have the same collection as Shah Rukh, the two have a great selection of accessories.

Shahrukh Khan’s study

The interiors Design of Shahrukh Khan’s Delhi home are oozing with class and taste. The dining room features a lavish 12-seater table with black chairs. The dining area is surrounded by several kitchens. The brick tiles give a simple, yet stylish look to the kitchen. Inside the house, SRK has a study room, where he keeps his awards. It also features a large mirror wall to add to the grandeur of the area.

The study is a private space that SRK uses extensively. He spends a lot of time in this room and often holds meetings. The neoclassical column facade is adorned with a stunning collection of books. There’s also a wall-to-ceiling bookcase displaying awards, including the coveted Oscar. There are many books on the wall, including the script of ‘My Name Is Khan.’

The interiors of Shahrukh Khan’s Delhi home are no less lavish. While the walls are beige and wood flooring is the standard, the lavish leather furniture is a definite highlight. It’s easy to see why Shahrukh and Gauri Khan chose the name Mannat for the house. The two have lived in the property since 2001 and it has been covered with plastic sheets to protect it from water damage.

SRK’s mansion features a fusion of vintage and contemporary decor. He renamed it Mannat after buying the villa in 2001. The villa was originally called Janat, but Khan changed its name when his career reached its height. Several prized possessions are on display in the house, including a reclining clown by Subhash Awchat, a life-size marble Radha-Krishna sculpture by Paris designer Thomas Dixon, a jade Ganapati and a kool-made saree by Balasubhi.

Gauri Khan’s terrace

Shahrukh Khan and Gauri’s terrace in Delhi is a beautiful, pristine white space. The Khans’ terrace is a place for privacy and a place where the actors can greet their fans and friends. Gauri Khan likes to decorate her terrace for the festive season. She has recently given it a makeover by hanging fairy lights and other ornaments.

The terrace on the roof of Mannat is Gauri Khan’s “happiest place” and is a space that can transform from a cosy camp to a stage during special occasions. The terrace is so beautifully decorated for festivals and other special events that lights transform the area into an artistic playground. Gauri’s terrace is the place where she spends quality time with her family.

Gauri Khan’s terrace overlooks the lush gardens and manicured lawns. The two are proud parents of three children, Abram, Gavan and Ishaan. Gauri Khan’s terrace features a large library, which she created with Shahrukh’s father. He enjoys reading poetry and biographies, and his home has a gym in which he sculpts muscles with a vibrating dumbbell. Gauri Khan and Shahrukh have also incorporated a work-from-home office into the Mannat.

The six-storey house Mannat in Mumbai is a lavish space with multiple bedrooms and living areas, a private auditorium and gym. Gauri Khan and Shahrukh Khan frequently greet fans and well-wishers on their terrace. Originally known as Villa Vienna, the house is now worth about US$27 million. The house features an impressive white 1920s villa, a six-storey modern tower, and lavish furniture.

Shahrukh Khan’s library

A visit to Shahrukh Khan’s lavish House Mannat will give you a taste of the King’s personal life. The actor lives in a lavish home decorated with colorful movie posters and a framed Charlie Chaplin stick. In his library, you will find books, award certificates and rare photographs. The actor also has a gym in his house, where he exercises on a vibrating dumbbell and twists his push-up bar grips.

A library is an important area in any home and the library at House Mannat is no exception. Shah Rukh has dedicated an entire space to books and movies, which is why it features a six-storey annexe with a special elevator system for easy travel between floors. A lavish mini-theatre is another feature of the Shahrukh Khan house. Vintage movie posters and a walking stick used by Charlie Chaplin grace the entrance to the mini-theatre.

The Khan family also has a home office and a gym in his lavish house. The two have three kids and an elder sister named Shehnaz. The house is full of SRK’s prized possessions and is filled with artworks by renowned artists such as Subhash Awchat. There are also four-foot black vases from Paris and a jade Ganapati.

The famous Bollywood star’s lavish house is a popular tourist destination in Mumbai. Visitors can take selfies and take pictures with the actor in his personal auditorium. Fans and well-wishers line up in front of the home to get a glimpse of the star’s personal space. Located in the heart of Mumbai, Mannat was once known as Villa Vienna in the 1920s.

Shahrukh Khan’s terrace

The opulently decorated House of Shahrukh Khan, in Mankat, Delhi is a picture of taste and class. The home boasts a lavish carpet, elegant accent chairs in floral prints, and a black fireplace. During special occasions, the terrace turns into a party zone, while the rest of the house serves as a cozy base camp for the family. The home office boasts of an abstract painting and wood cabinets.

The home has an abundance of sitting space, including a king-sized bed with an ornate headboard adorned with golden pillows and animal-patterned cushions. The chandelier adds a touch of regal glamor to the place. Since Mumbai is notorious for its rainy season, the entire Mannat is encased in plastic sheets to protect it from water leakage. In fact, the Khan family wraps their home every year with plastic sheets, to avoid water damage.

The sprawling property has a swimming pool, gym, library, and entertainment room. The house also boasts lawns and a basement car park. Inside, you can see a mix of traditional and modern designs that merge seamlessly. The interiors were designed by Gauri Khan and Tom Dixon. A visit to Mannat will give you a glimpse of the star’s personal office. A look inside Shahrukh Khan’s House Mannat shows the intricacies of this lavish home.

The mansion was originally known as Villa Vienna in the 1920s. The six-storey Mannat bungalow includes multiple bedrooms, living rooms, and even a personal auditorium. The house is so lavish and spacious that Shah Rukh Khan’s fans line up outside the gate in order to snap a selfie. The actor usually greets well-wishers on the terrace of his house. The house was built on a hillside, in the suburbs of Mumbai.

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