A Guide to Buy a .ae Domain For Your Website

A Guide to Buy a .ae Domain For Your Website


Today, people are familiar with ordering food, online shopping, online money transfer, etc., and most prefer online transactions.

So you also need to shift your offline business to online if you want to achieve long-run business growth. And, the first step in creating a website is getting a Domain Name. 

Domain names are just like your website identity. With the Domain name, internet users can also search your website and recall for the future. 

When you choose a domain name, you make sure that you cannot select the name that anyone else uses. Choose that name that is unique, brandable, and short. 

If your site is a UAE-based website, you Buy a .ae Domain extension. .ae Domain is the UAE-based domain Name. 

UAE internet users feel secure at the time of purchasing. And most of the time, UAE internet users visits thatb website whic is registered. ae Domain name.

Here in this article, I explain the steps of buying a .ae Domain extension for a website. 

Steps to Buying a UAE Domain For Website

Steps to Buying a UAE Domain For Website

Step 1:- Choosing a Reputable Domain Registrar to Buy a .ae Domain Name

To Buy a .ae Domain extension, you must first choose a reputable domain registrar. When choosing a domain for your website, do not pay more attention to money; pay more attention to selecting the best and most reputable domain registrar.

From Hostbillo Hosting Solution, you can Buy a .de Domain at an affordable price. Hostbillo Hosting Solution is a reputed and trusted web hosting provider company

These features you get at the time of registering a Hostbillo’s .de domain 

  1. Custom name servers 
  2. Free DNS Management 
  3. Free ID protection option
  4. Domain Theft Protection
  5. 24/7/365 Guru Crew

Step 2: Selecting a Suitable Domain Name, including the Top Level Domain 

There are two types of domains one is Second level domains and second is top-level domains. The name of the website is Second level domain. 

And with the second-level domain name, people know your website so choose that name of your website that is unique and represents a brand. 

After choosing the Second Level Domain, the next task is choosing a Domain extension for your website. There are a variety of extensions available on the market, such as .com, .in, .ru, .de and .ae. 

I already explained above that if your website is UAE Based, then you should Buy the .ae Domain extension for the website. 

When you Buy a .ae Domain name extension for your website, the following benefits you get:- 

  1. Most UAE Internet users prefer to Buy from .ae Domain websites.

2. When UAE internet users see the .ae website in the search engines, they go through that website, and this will increase your website traffic, and the visitor ratio is also increased.  

3. UAE internet users give more importance to the .ae extension website and also feel secure with that website. 

Step 3:- Use a Domain Finder to See if the Address is Available

Once you select a domain name for your website, the next step is to check its availability. For this purpose, most domain providers provide special tools such as domain finders. 

Simply write your domain name in the search bar and then search your domain.

If this domain is available for buying, the tool conforms to its availability. A message will appear – the desired domain name is already reserved.

With the help of the tool, you can easily find a new domain name and also get an idea of choosing a Domain, a word related to your website niche.

Step 4:- Registering a Domain 

If your domain name is available for your website, so, without wasting time, register your domain.   

All the domain buyers are looking for a brandable and unique name. So before anyone registers your domain name you book it as soon as possible. 

Step 5:- Verifying Ownership of Your New Domain 

As Per ICANN regulations from September 1, 2014, domain name providers must verify the contact information of domain buyers. These rules apply to the classic top-level domains as well as the new generic top-level domains.

As a result, the service provider will send an email to your contact address after the purchase of a new web address.

Within 15 days of receiving this email, you can use the verification link to prove your ownership. If you haven’t verified yourself after a week, the provider will send you a reminder email.

Providers will deactivate the domain if 15 days are exceeded. You can re-initiate the verification process later by providing new contact information. When confirmation is not received for a longer period of time, ICANN reserves the right to reissue web addresses.

Final Thoughts 

Domain names act as identifiers or as expressions of your website. When you choose a good combination of Second level domain and top-level domain, you give time for this step. 

Below I’ve outlined some tips that will assist you in choosing a Domain Name. 

  1. Analyze the market
  2. Consider Trademark rights 
  3. Avoid long domain names
  4. Minimizes the use of numbers and hyphens


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