A Guide to Building the Best Concrete Slabs for The Beginners


The best-quality concrete slabs are very versatile & are widely used for being the strongest structural elements for several parts of a particular building and garden. They are being used widely for building walkways, sheds, floors, patios etc. They are in high demand because their cost-effectiveness, easy installation, and durability.

The concrete slabs come with very forceful strength & thus, these are very suitable for the purpose of laying a foundation in basements, homes, gardens & porticos. If you are keen on saving a considerably big amount on your ongoing or upcoming construction project, then you can follow the following DIY steps for the best results.

Guide For Concrete Slabs for Beginners

Here is the step-by-step guide for making the concrete slabs. Keep reading to know about it.

#1. Preparing the site

Firstly, you can outline the site’s location where you require to lay the slabs & start with the concoction process. Firstly, use a tape to measure the concrete slab as per the design and then use the Speed Square to set up the vertical lines.

Drive 4 stakes in the 4 corners of a planned concrete slab, and then you can draw a twine between the stakes to outline the slab areas.

Then you need to clean the area and then use a shovel for trimming the turf and grasses. Around six inches that is beyond the outlined area is to be cleaned.

#2. Starting with sub-base

Then you should arrange for the all-purpose gravel & empty them at the construction site. For this purpose, you will have to use a good tamper tool for squeezing & flattening the gravel.

#3. Setting up the final slabs

You need to prepare the final concrete slabs by dumping the particular sub-base slightly. You can use your garden horses for the purpose of wetting down the particular base design.

Then blend & pour the concrete in the same. You can use a hoe, hose, and wheelbarrow to mix the concrete unless they reach a particularly required consistency.

While you have the perfect consistency for the mixture, then you will have to pour them carefully to gain the required form. You can then move the screed forth & back following a sawing motion for flattening that particular mixture.

Now, you can tap around the outer edge of the form with the help of a hammer to remove the air as well as the spaces. Then you can use a broom & towel for levelling the same.

Now you can leave this concrete for setting & curing for 48 hours. During this period of time, you should keep dampening this slightly & then cover the particular slab with plastic for at least 28 days to achieve the best results.

Once this period of 28 days is over, then the concrete slabs of full strength are achieved.

What Are the Advantages of Concrete Flooring?

Using the concrete slab, one can make the concrete flooring and many more. Here are the benefits:

  • Concrete slabs are highly durable.
  • It is also a very economical option.
  • One can easily maintain it.
  • Concrete slabs can be made and used in various shapes and designs.
  • The sustainability rate is also very high in case of concrete slabs.
  • Being so much versatile, concrete slabs can be used in many purposes.

You Can Do It Yourself

Floors that are not only durable, cost effective and low maintenance but will add a distinctive touch to your decor. This is your concrete staining how to guide center.

Just imagine a concrete stain floor that the kids can play on all day, cleans up with a quick dust mopping and is ready to entertain your guests that evening.

You may have been considering these floors due to health concerns. Such as the allergens and germs that reside in your carpet and the bacteria that grows in the grout for your tile you will find that concrete stained floors and concrete overlay-stained floors don’t have these issues.

Combine that with the ease of cleaning and you may find that these are the floors you have been looking for.

Not only can YOU create beautiful interior flooring, but you can use concrete stains to transform your walkway, driveway, patio, pool deck and even your business floors into masterpieces that will make you the envy of your family, friends and competitors.

Just think of the money you’ll save for installation and the money you’ll save on cleaning for the years to come. Not only that, but your concrete stain floor will be the topic of conversation and if you do this in your business I’ll just bet you will get more traffic because everyone will want to see and experience it.


Concrete slabs have plenty of advantages and by using them, one can make plenty of things as well. By following the above tips and precautions, you will be able to pour the best quality concrete slabs by using the DIY approach.


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