A complete guide to dudhsagar waterfalls


About Dudhsagar Waterfall:

If you are looking for a weekend getaway, Dudhsagar Falls should be your first choice.

Dudhsagar Falls is a picturesque waterfall situated at the border of Karnataka and Goa in Western India. 


The falls are so huge that most people have never attempted to measure their height or width. One thing we know for sure is that it creates an impressive sight for anyone who has the time and inclination to see it.

The falls are one among the most popular destinations in South India. They offer a breathtaking view with lush green surroundings and a variety of birds around them waiting for food.



Dudhsagar Falls is a waterfall situated at an elevation of 679 meters (2,230 feet) from the sea level. It is around 30 kilometers from the town of Udupi in Karnataka and 55 kilometers from Sirsi.

The waterfall is about 20km long with a 60ft height and it has a water flow of about 1,498 cubic meters per second. Dudhsagar Falls contains three sections which are namely Upper Dudhsagar Falls, Middle Dudhsagar Falls and Lower Dudhsagar Falls.

The waterfall consists of two major streams – upper Dudhagaga and lower Dudhagaga .


Guided Tour:

  • As soon as you step out of the bus, you are greeted with a beautiful sight. The Dudhsagar waterfall trek is located in the Western Ghats, in the state of Maharashtra. 


  • The trek is a well-maintained pathway that leads to the waterfall. The pathway is made of granite and is approximately 2.5 km long. The trek starts from the parking lot and reaches the waterfall in approximately an hour and a half. 


  • The path is covered in gravel and the steps are very easy to walk. You will never feel tired or discouraged while walking on the trek.


  • It is advisable to bring a hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, and a water bottle. It is also advisable to bring some snacks and money in case you want to buy some food along the way. The trek is not expensive and the vendors along the way are very hospitable.


  • The trek is also a perfect opportunity to see some of the endangered animals that reside in the Western Ghats. Elephants, monkeys, lions, and tigers are all common sightings on the trek. You are also likely to see crocodiles, deer, and birds.


  • The Dudhsagar waterfall trek is a must-visit for anyone visiting the Western Ghats. The pathway is easy to walk, the scenery is beautiful, and the animals are rare and endangered.The trek is a natural wonder and is very scenically beautiful.


Things to do here:

Walk Amidst the Aromatic Spice Gardens – 

  • The second I had stepped in at the Sahyadri ranch I was overwhelmed with major areas of strength for the of regular flavors. 

  • It helped me to remember my home. And all the achiness to visit the family from voyaging was taken out not long after being here. 

  • Natural tea and some heavenly tidbits were welcomed on a platter to invite me to the flavour ranch. 

  • This thought had prompted the cultivating that stretches out to in excess of 130 sections of land of land today.

  •  I strolled my direction along the estates, perusing the names they had posted on many plants. 

  • The newly squashed flavors alongside the real cooking would sure leave you mindblown.

Jeep Safari Guiding Through the Rich Forest Lines – 

  • The territory of Karnataka misleads the south of it which worked with certain patches of Savannah fields here. 

  • With various outlandish and local species, Bhagwan Mahavir was proclaimed as a Public park during the last part of the 1970s.

  •  Beginning from the normal Tiger, Elephants, Indian Buffalo to the assortments of brilliant oriole, bump nosed pit snake.

Hike the way up to Devil’s Canyon 

  • Devcharacho Kond, or scandalously known as Satan’s Gorge is an interesting work of nature. 

  • It’s a stream gorge not farther than a kilometer from the falls. 

  •  Climbing here was a stunning encounter for myself and I was sufficiently fortunate to have recognized the uncommon dark jaguar here while at it.

  • With dangerous shape covered, major areas of strength for rocks propensities, and its profundity, the gulch sure satisfies its name of being Satan’s ravine. 

  • Swimming is denied as a result of the power with which the water streams here, it was very scary to me.



 The Dudhsagar waterfall tour will take you through different kinds of natural ecosystems and give you an experience that no other tour can offer. 

At the point when you arrive at the falls, you feel as though you have won a prize and the inclination is simply elating!

The best time to visit Dudhsagar Falls is during monsoon season when there is heavy rainfall and the water flow increases significantly. 

With the help of winding roads and streams the terrain can get really difficult at times but it’s worth every effort.


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