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Choosing the best International Pre-School in Pune for your child 

Pune is a sophisticated city well-known for its educational institutions, abundant nature, and abundance of nearby tourist attractions. These qualities have made Pune a popular destination for those seeking to relocate there.

Pune is known as the “Oxford of the East” because you will find numerous outstanding universities and Topmost International Schools in Pune like Global Indian International School. With several large firms setting up operations in Pune, the IT sector has also grown significantly.

Pune has grown to be a well-liked destination for both students and working professionals as a result of all of this.

The majority of Pune’s neighbourhoods are emerging as real estate hotspots with high property demand and supply as well as a wide range of property kinds and prices.

Schooling in Pune

Pune is a very popular study location, as evidenced by the University of Pune’s present enrollment of more than five lakh students, which serves as the city’s primary institution of higher learning.

It has developed into the second-largest university in the nation, with 811 linked institutes providing more than 400 academic programmes across a variety of subjects. There are other institutions that draw students besides the University of Pune, popularly known as Savitribai Phule Pune University.

Indian and foreign students are very interested in attending the city’s other deemed universities and private higher education institutions.

Tips to pick from Best Preschool in Pune

‍1. Academic Matter

The lessons and experiences a child has during these formative years stay with them for the rest of their lives. Your first concern should be making sure that the International school in Pune adheres to the strictest standards of quality for their instructors, teaching methods, academic programme, and moral principles.

A child’s whole personality can be greatly influenced by outdoor games, team sports, art and craft, hobbies, physical education, dance and theatre programmes, and other extracurricular activities.

They can increase your child’s capacity for learning and hone his or her cognitive skills. As a result, it’s crucial that there are suitable facilities and knowledgeable staff available to support this aspect of your child’s education.

  1. The student-to-teacher ratio

Which preschool in Pune—one with a sensible cap of 20 children per class, or one with a maximum of 60 students per class? You obviously prefer the latter option because it allows the teacher to provide each student individualised attention, maximising the student’s learning potential.

Children in smaller classes reportedly learn more, obtain higher grades, and perform better on tests and in extracurricular activities.

The industry benchmark for good elementary and secondary schools is one instructor for every 30 to 35 students.

Therefore, before settling on a preschool in Pune, check the teacher-to-student ratio.

  1. A welcoming and tidy environment

At preschools in Pune, a clean and hygienic learning environment is crucial for kids. You need to be aware of the truth of this as a parent. Therefore, think about these issues before making a decision. Are youngsters able to safely use outdoor toys and games? Is the playground maintained in good condition?

Is it accurate to say that the teachers and helpers are hygienic and clean? – must be verified in person and verified twice. In case a kid has a medical emergency, does the school have a medical bay and staff available? etc. These are some more factors to take into account when looking for the best preschools in Pune.

  1. Self-control

This feature is even more important now that we see so little of it among children. To make sure that your child learns the right values and accepts responsibility for his or her behaviour, you must enrol him or her in a preschool with a strict code of conduct. On the other hand, the school’s strategies ought to be courteous.

Numerous studies have shown that children’s understanding and learning skills might worsen in a stressful school environment. As a parent, it is your responsibility to confirm that the preschool where your kid will go provides an environment that is free from stress, healthful, and conducive to learning.

  1. Closeness

Always start by taking a look at the best accessible schools in your neighbourhood. Pune has a wide selection of preschools. If you live in an industrial area like Hadapsar, for instance, preschools in Hadapsar should be your top choice.

This is essential for your child’s security and to spare him or her the everyday suffering of a protracted commute to and from preschool.

You must take into account your child’s comfort as a responsible parent and make sure the preschool is close enough for you to travel there in the shortest period of time.


The school sculpts the foundational years of the students during the course of the Montessori years. A preschool should be conveniently located, provide facilities that are prepared for the future, and use cutting-edge pedagogy, creating an extraordinary synthesis of traditional learning with cutting-edge technology. Such a school fosters a welcoming environment that turns to learn into a thrilling journey for children.

Your child will develop into a well-rounded person who is a part of an exceptional learning environment where success is a part of their journey if they attend one of the best preschools in Pune.


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