A Basic Guide to Know Your Business Solution

Know your business

Businesses not only need to identify the clients but also the partner companies they are going to start their business with. Criminals, in the age of digitization, are targetting different businesses to fulfill their malicious intents. Validating the partner company is just as essential as verifying the customers. It’s not only money laundering activities that cause terror for businesses but also the unregistered companies and many other such heinous crimes. Doing business with such an entity could be fatal for companies. Thus, it is really essential to deploy  solutions before data breaches cost them a huge. 


Companies that are highlighted in illegal proceedings face sanctions, heavy fines, damaged brand reputation, and even a ban to carry out their operations. And no firm wants to face such issues and for that, they need to deploy robust business verification solutions that keep fraudsters away. know your business

Process of Know Your Business Verification 

Know your business meaning is authenticating partner companies before dealing with them. The artificial intelligence-based KYB checks make the due diligence process swift and accurate. The employees can save their time and efforts using such a robust company verification solution. The main steps of how KYB solution works are as under:

Business Identification

In this step, the background of the company is explored. The search includes the type of the company, current status, UBOs, jurisdiction, trademark, and registered address. The company is checked for any previous name and is notified in case it has any.

Business Filings

This is the step in which the business files that entail all the information about that particular firm are validated. It includes different kinds of documents provided by the customer for verification. Once they are authenticated, the process is taken to the next step. 

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Business Networks

The business structure has various details that give details about the parent firm and its subsidiaries. This is the stage where all such details are validated along with the nature of the company, the country in which it is registered, etc. 

Business Statements

It’s actually business statements that keep the firm on top of any management changes. Any changes in the director or a shareholder depict the structure of the company that requires follow-up details for the business matters. It seems a time-consuming and lengthy process but with a robust company verification solution, it can be done accurately and that too in no time. 

Why Do Businesses Need KYB Solutions?

With the age of digitization, verification methods are also advancing to provide businesses with greater security services. But the question is why any company needs business verification services. Below are the reasons that might answer this concern.

Fraud Prevention

Businesses are targeted by fraudsters to carry out their malicious intentions. Money laundering, data breaches, terrorism funding, and many other heinous crimes are exploiting businesses in this modern age as evident from Shufti Pro news. Furthermore, the verification solutions are not advanced that can deter criminal activities. Businesses are looking for robust solutions that provide them with greater security while not compromising user experience. This is where KYB checks prove fruitful for verifying businesses. It protects businesses from fraudsters and maintains a positive brand image in the competitive world market. Business verification is very neccessory and it is very compulsory for all the business and its good for the business growth.

Updated Database for the Company

To operate efficiently, businesses need to maintain and update their records regularly. Otherwise, they have to face severe consequences. Verifying companies using KYB verification services keeps the firm’s database updated with all the latest details about the subsidiaries, and partners they are doing business with. It is such a great verification solution that only onboards legitimate clients and protect the firm from any shell companies. Thus, it is good to invest in KYB verification solutions. Many sectors are now tracking global funds like Shufti Pro funding, done by Update partners recently. 

Compliance With Regulations

With the rising number of criminal activities, regulations have become stringent to provide greater protection. There is no doubt that each country has its own regulations to verify clients but many businesses have to adhere to the 40 recommendations devised by FATF. Apart from this, companies have to comply with the regulations suggested by FinCEN. In case any firm does not adhere the regulations, they are subjected to heavy penalties and fines. Thus, know your  business check are what make them stay compliant with the regulations. 

Final Thoughts

In this digital age, where criminals are exploiting businesses, know your business has become an absolute need. It protects firms from shell companies, provides the user with a more incredible experience, and helps the firm stay compliant with the regulations. It is a great bet for companies that builds a great brand image and takes the firm to greater heights. 


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