How To Use Smart Switch Windows?

How To Use Smart Switch Windows

If you are the person who is willing to buy the new Samsung galaxy smart mobile device when you come to the correct place via our article. Now you think that how we transfer the older mobile contents via the windows personal computer to my new Samsung galaxy mobile device? Definitely, you will think and you do not get worried. Here is the way which comes to you with the name-calling smart switch windows that is the best data/file transferring tool in the world. So if you love to transfer your data from the older device through the windows pc Samsung smart Switch software is almost super.

About Samsung smart switch windows

Samsung smart switch download for pc is the best android application that gives them the freedom to transfer the older mobile contents such as calendar, music, contacts, alarm, call logs, wallpapers, lock screen, home screen, S note, documents, etc from the older device like android or iOS or Blackberry or Samsung or Nokia via the windows pc to your new device called Samsung smart galaxy mobile device. If you feel free to import your data via the Windows operating system personal computer or laptop touch up the Samsung smart switch windows.

Advantages of the Samsung smart switch windows

  • Samsung smart switch windows is a freeware application with one clicking tool that transfers the data/file in a minute
  • It offers 100% guarantees for the safe transfer 
  • Samsung smart switch software data transferring tool has a user-friendly interface that every non-professional or professional can easily find out the method to transfer the contents
  • Easy to use the application
  • You have the freedom to move contents like contacts, lock screen, home screen, wallpapers, ringing tones, etc
  • You can restore your backup files before transferring
  • Samsung smart switch software offers trustable payback for the Samsung galaxy users
  • This data transferring tool does not have a relationship from Samsung galaxy to Samsung galaxy smart device

Features of the smart switch download for pc

  • A smart switch window is a free tool with one click procedure on the application
  • It does not depend on Samsung to Samsung. It depends on android to Samsung, Apple to Samsung, Blackberry to Samsung, Nokia to Samsung like that
  • Smart switch download for pc is 100% safe for every Samsung Galaxy smart mobile users
  • Everyone can understand the interface very easily without the base knowledge
  • You have the freedom to move your data/files of the older device to the new Samsung Galaxy smart device via the pc

Requirements that we need to get the smart switch software

  • If your old device will be an iOS it wanna run on 4.0 or upper
  • 1 GB or higher RAM will be suited for using the software
  • Screen resolution is 1024×768(600) ,32 bit or higher
  • A Samsung smart galaxy device running on android operating system 4.3 or higher 
  • If your old device will be android it wants to run on 4.3 or higher
  • The required software will be windows media player version 11 or later
  • Windows operating system will be Windows XP or higher
  • You wanna use the CPU of windows pc as Pentium 4:2.4 GHz
  • You must keep an antivirus guard on your windows pc that is good for 

The latest versions upgraded with the Samsung smart switch for pc

Taking the latest versions of the Samsung smart windows is the best way to transfer the contents with the features and functions.

  • Smart switch pc 4.2.21093.6 – Latest version
  • Smart switch pc 4.2.21075.3
  • Smart switch pc 4.2.21063.7
  • Smart switch pc 4.2.20113.5
  • Smart switch pc 4.2.19071_4
  • Smart switch pc 4.2.18124_4
  • Smart switch pc 4.2.21034.7
  • Smart switch pc 4.2.20072_4
  • Smart switch pc 4.2.20013_2
  • Smart switch pc 4.2.18124_4
  • Smart switch pc 4.2.18091_6
  • Smart switch pc 4.2.18052_28
  • Smart switch pc 4.2.18034_11
  • Smart switch pc 4.2.21023.2
  • Smart switch pc 4.2.21013.13

Samsung smart switch windows capable operating systems 

  • Blackberry (version 6.0 or higher)
  • LG (Android 2.3 Gingerbread)
  • Nokia (series 40 or higher
  • Apple (iOS 4.2.1 or higher)
  • Samsung (any version of ice cream sandwich)

Step guidance to download the Samsung smart switch to my pc?

  • Step1: First, you make all the requirements that you want to download the Samsung smart switch to pc transferring tool
  • Step 2: Download and install the Samsung smart switch transferring tool from the trusted websites or our official website
  • Step 3: Read the instructions and agreements carefully and accept the terms and policies
  • Step 4: Use the USB cable for connecting the windows personal computer or laptop 
  • Step 5: Take the full backup data of your device and click on the “back up” items
  • Step 6: Once it is completed click on the done button and confirms it
  • Step 7: Remove the old device from the pc
  • Step 8: Now connect your new Samsung galaxy smart mobile device with the windows OS computer or laptop via the same USB cable
  • Step 9: Select “different backup” then backup to restore
  • Step10: Click on the “ok” button to allow permissions
  • Step11: Now, you can find the successful data transfer  to your new Samsung galaxy smart mobile device

Compatible windows os of the Samsung smart switch 

You must have the idea to download the app on a capable windows operating system personal computer or laptop. Below you can know what are they?

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7 etc

Smart switch download for windows 10

If you are using windows 10 for transferring data /files from the older mobile device via windows 10 to galaxy smart switch downloading for windows 10 is the best for transferring the content. So keep up the data transferring tool for that purpose.

Using smart switch for pc for Windows 8.1

Smart switch gives the freedom to move the contents without losing the data from the older device like android, iOS, Blackberry, etc to the new Samsung galaxy device via windows 8.1 os pc or laptop you can use the data transferring tool named smart switch windows 8.1. To find the link from our article and start to download it.

Smart switch windows 8

In the same way, you can download the smart switch windows 8 from the trusted website or our official website. scroll the page and start the downloading with the instructions.

Samsung smart switch for windows 7

If you buy a new phone as a Samsung galaxy smart device do not worry. There is a way to import your data that is named smart switch windows. Therefore you can migrate the contents like music, alarm, contacts, lock screen, wallpaper, home screen, etc to your new galaxy device via windows 7 from the older device. For this solution, you can download the link from the page and find the page. Start downloading with the download button. After that read the instructions properly and enter for the importing data/files.


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