9 things you need to know if visiting a newborn baby

Newborn baby

Visiting a baby and its mother is not difficult, as most of us believe. You visit them, you congratulate them, and give them a little detail. Then, you leave. Easy, right?

No. It’s not easy because, although we all know the theory, it is hard to do in practice. Some people put the baby in danger and those who end up bothering.

We have listed 9 things to know if you’re going to visit a baby.

  1. Do not go unannounced

You know their room number, even though they may not be there, and you can imagine them welcoming you with a warm smile. You might arrive at incontinence with your baby, the mom trying to breastfeed, or finally falling asleep.

Indeed, babies don’t have schedules. However, this is not the case. Since the baby doesn’t have a schedule, the mother has only been together for a few hours. She is going to try to adapt to this new reality. It is like an alternate reality where everything runs at a different pace.


  1. Don’t be afraid to lend a helping hand

It all depends on how trusting you are with them. It is best to not disturb the if it is a very commitment visit. You can stay for a while and congratulate anyone who needs it. That’s all.

Do not accept a stranger’s invitation unless there is trust. It is better to not think about what they can do to you to make you feel at ease as a visitor but instead about what you can do to improve someone’s quality of life.


  1. Do not visit a doctor if you are ill

Most newborns don’t have any vaccine and even though they have an immune system ready for this world, they can get sick very easily. A virus that gives us only a mild cold can lead to hospitalization for days or weeks. Do you know When do babies get their first shots?

Let’s just say that it is not the best thing for a couple trying to adjust to a change such as the birth of a baby. They have to do this with a sick baby admitted to the hospital.


  1. Wash your hands

You must continue the previous steps, particularly if you’re going to hold the baby.

The best thing for both the mother and baby is to not take the baby if it’s not offered to you. Some mothers feel more pain when their baby is in the arms or hands of strangers than they do of their own. This is a very natural protective instinct.

You must wash your hands if you still plan to hold the baby in your arms. Many microorganisms can pass through your hands throughout the day.


  1. Take care when you kiss someone.

It sounds strange, I know. But some people do it. To maintain hygiene and respect for the baby’s parents

There are fewer risks on the cheek. The baby can still put his hands on his face and then his mouth. Before you do it, think about it.


  1. You don’t have to see the color of your eyes.

Some people cannot bear to leave the baby without seeing his eyes. They even ask to be woken like a circus monkey instead of a child.

Most newborns have gray eyes. You may occasionally be able to see another color but it is very rare. There is little.


  1. If they don’t ask, do not give advice

You may see them cute. I also understand that they are new parents and still clumsy, afraid to hurt the baby, nervous, and trying to adjust to their new situation.

They will likely not give you their opinion first. They will get frustrated and ask for help if they are in need.

It is important to understand that they will ask for your help to give them a push or to reaffirm something they already know. They don’t need someone to tell them what to do. But what that person would do is not necessarily the same as what they end up doing.


  1. If you are not already in a group, move.

You can ask them if they are okay with you going to see them at the time. You may meet up with people who have not called. Even if they don’t call, it can seem that they will stay the whole day. Some even wait until dinner.


  1. Don’t take photos

They are not interested in the baby going outside them. All the items he will need will be already made at home. I doubt that her parents have any illusions that her image will be immortalized at that time.

Nothing like asking if you’re excited to take a photo with your loved one. If they are happy to take a photo, don’t post it on your social media unless they say otherwise.

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