9 eCommerce Customer Support Practices Your Brand Needs

eCommerce Customer Support

It is established in today’s time that eCommerce customer support can make or break your brand easily. Companies pay attention to product development, marketing, sales, and whatnot. However, your business will mean nothing if you do not have great customer support services.

Many eCommerce businesses now use help desk software to handle tickets and work with customer service reps. These brands are technical and use software for managing customer support. There is nothing wrong with it, but you can do a lot more.

You do not want to be known for providing mediocre support to your customers. Instead, you should make your responses more efficient, provide real-time support, and stand distinctively in the market. So, here is how to do it:

9 eCommerce Customer Support Practices to Implement:

We will now look at all the practices your brand must consider to craft an unparalleled customer experience. So without any further ado, let’s take a look at them:

1. Multichannel Support System: 

It is quite essential to employ a help desk that integrates email, live chat, phone support, and more into one platform. Tickets will be automatically pulled in from a number of sources, such as a shared mailbox, via an omnichannel system. As your business expands, you will be able to handle and assess all of your customer services in one place.

2. Make Response Templates: 

Having reliable eCommerce customer support is vital for your brand. Templates are one of the most effective ways to ensure consistent messaging. Nowadays, the ordinary online shopper is well-informed. So if you just reply with a poor template, they will notice.

As a result, you will need to make several distinct templates for various responses. However, they should be so well-suited to the requirement that they sound as though they are written on the spot by customer service reps.

For these and other issues, you should write customer service scripts:

  • Shipment was late.
  • Begin the process of refund.
  • Products that are damaged

Agents can send templates as is or make changes to fit the concern best.

3. Integrate Self-service Live Chat Options: 

Live chat aims to resolve issues promptly. Self-service choices go the extra mile for your brand. DOS, for instance, uses best practices to accelerate customer assistance with self-service options.

Customers can track their orders, product return, or cancel them without speaking to an agent. In addition, DOS’ customer support software includes a live chat feature and a helpdesk, as well as integrations with other apps for order monitoring and other processes.

4. Include FAQs: 

The majority of online businesses require a great FAQ section. So, these help to reduce the number of tickets in online chat and other forms of communication. Examine your customer support tickets every six months to look for new trends. Include concerns about delivery options, sizing, and return policies in your FAQ. So, your customers do not need to hop onto live chat for basic queries and concerns.

5. Include Inventory Info into Responses: 

Your brand needs to address the shopping cart abandonment issue from all sides and not simply through intent pop-ups or ads. eCommerce customer support is a vital aspect of building an amazing experience. If they can’t get support quickly, online users will leave. Moreover, you can assist reps in swiftly loading accurate responses by including your inventory and product details into your helpdesk. Outsourcing support teams are well trained to handle it. You can rely on them to give your consumers the best shopping experience.

6. Customize Customer Responses: 

You can write a precise response thanks to direct integrations with your inventory and order management as well as the eCommerce platform and shipping tools. However, you can still help your team create a customized user experience despite not using scripted responses.

That is why brands outsource support services, as their teams are experts in handling such a process without any hassle. So, you do not need to worry about the cost as you will find the support at very affordable rates.

7. Opt for Omnichannel Support: 

Having an omnichannel help desk is of high importance for any eCommerce shop. It can provide a thorough insight into every customer. Your agents should be able to get info about outstanding bills, orders, support tickets, and more. It is a smart tactic to make everything seamless for your reps as well as customers.

8. Monitor Your Benchmarks & Trends: 

You can track a variety of customer service indicators to determine the success of your support system. Following are some of the metrics you can track:

  • Average response time
  • Average resolution time
  • Customer support quality level
  • Converted tickets
  • Negative feedback
  • Channel tickets

Set monthly benchmarks for these data so you can follow any drops or peaks and fix problems. It is one of the most useful practices to run your brand well.

9. Provide Delivery Info: 

Regular updates about orders are expected by 83 percent of customers. Moreover, shipment messages are also an essential component of it. Customers should be notified when an order is ready to dispatch, shipped, and delivered successfully. They will be able to ensure that they properly received the item.

Moreover, create a branded order tracking page so a customer can easily access call-to-action options. Moreover, you can provide a coupon or highlight popular products on your page.

Experience Success with Great eCommerce Customer Support: 

It would be best to find a suitable basis for excellent eCommerce customer care. An outdated support system will not suffice. You require a system that works with your other eCommerce solutions and provides templates and features for instant responses. Moreover, it will also allow you to manage tickets from various platforms.

Your customer satisfaction is directly proportional to your response speed. Customers require help in completing orders and in knowing your brand values them. If customers feel well taken care of, the probability of ordering from you again and again improves.

You need to reach out to DOS as they provide the best eCommerce support services in the market. They work with your team to craft a personalized plan. Also, their pricing plans are quite affordable. You can also check their services with the free trial option, so you know what you are getting before actually paying for it.

Thanks for reading our blog. We hope it can help you in your brand making. So, please feel free to leave a comment below to share your feedback with us.


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