8 types of entrepreneurs and their characteristics

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It is increasingly common to find people who make the decision to start their own business, startup or company and they are called “entrepreneurs” and there are different types of entrepreneurship.

And because of this, the concern arises as to why they decide to leave the comfort and security of a job in a company? What do they have in common with each other? Or what types of entrepreneurs are there?

Some of them do it because they don’t feel comfortable in their job or they are sure that they can create value for society while improving their income and enjoying themselves in the process.

Entrepreneurs are positive, energetic people with a lot of willpower.

Contrary to most people, in problematic and normal situations, they are able to see solutions and business possibilities.

In order to achieve their objectives and reach their goals, they take risks, work hard and project themselves.

There are several types of entrepreneurs with characteristics that allow them to achieve their goals and objectives in different ways.

These are the types of entrepreneurs

Persuasive, visionary, specialist, intuitive, investor, entrepreneur, opportunist and social.

Characteristics of each of these entrepreneurs

persuasive entrepreneur

He is capable of achieving, with real arguments, that others do or think in such a way that they support the purpose that this entrepreneur has as his objective.

He is a good communicator, coherent, with values, purpose and specific mission for which he strives to convince other people to join his fight and support him to achieve his purpose.

For this reason, he is the right person to interact directly with all the agents involved in the business (investors, suppliers, clients and employees), since he usually obtains the best deals and conditions to promote entrepreneurship. His main role is usually to lead and direct rather than develop the business product or service.

visionary entrepreneur

He is a person capable of imagining and dreaming of products or services that are usually a trend in the future.

Most of humanity’s great advances have been thanks to the dreams of these visionaries.

In addition, he has the ability to materialize his dreams and make them go from his imagination to production.

specialist entrepreneur

He is very specialized in a branch of knowledge in which he becomes an expert and usually leaves aside the rest.

Thanks to being very logical, rational and technical, it is perfect to carry out operational projects.

Because of this, although you can start a business project, for it to be successful, you need a team with people who complement you.

intuitive entrepreneur

He is energetic, passionate and confident, following his instincts, those feelings that drive us to make a decision that we think is the right thing to do according to our values.

He manages to see opportunities, takes risks and usually carries them out. Although it is always good for him to be advised and focused by other people who help him develop his ideas.

investor entrepreneur

Detect and start good businesses or projects in which you invest your money and generate good profits in the short or long term.

In addition, although he is ambitious, he knows when he should not invest and up to what amount of money, just in case things go wrong and he loses it, not to go bankrupt.

businessman entrepreneur

Create, develop and manage a business project until it is consolidated.

If it works, with what he learned, he creates new companies to increase his income more and more. In general, their main motivation is to make a lot of money.

opportunistic entrepreneur

They are very good at finding more than one solution for a market need and seeing that opportunity at the right time, they take advantage of it to undertake this business opportunity.

They tend to observe and analyze everything very well before starting the project and sometimes require motivation to carry out the necessary steps to start.

social entrepreneur

Create and develop projects with innovative solutions to social problems in order to positively influence the world and the lives of many people.

He has a revolutionary and rebellious thought, which helps him to carry out his projects, but on some occasions, if he does not know how to control, they can create problems for him.


Finding out what type of entrepreneur you are is just the beginning to be able to achieve your goals by enhancing your qualities.


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