8 Top Tips to Create an Engaging Essay Conclusion

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What is the toughest part of essay writing? Majority of students confessed that the essay conclusion is the most difficult part of essay writing. That said, we cannot overlook this important aspect of an essay as it provides insights and clarity into the topic. When creating a conclusion paragraph, you must think about the main point that you wish to get across.  Since there are different types of conclusions, determining the type of conclusion needed for your essay is also an important step.

Several students tend to whip out a half-baked conclusion, but that will only lower the quality of the essay. So, how to write a powerful conclusion of an essay? It is not too complicated so consider the following tips to create an impact essay conclusion.

  1. Make it Short

As the readers come to the end of a well-written assignment, they expect to see a proper wrap-up of the points you have discussed and a logical conclusion. The ending paragraph should not have any new information. Don’t exaggerate any points; instead, keep it short and concise. You can look at some examples to understand how to make the essay conclusion concise.

  1. Use the Introductory Paragraph as a Guide

Keep the introduction paragraph as a reference when building a strong conclusion. It should reinforce and address the points you have made in the introduction. It should feature the thesis statement from the intro and support points and the emotional appeal and final impression. While developing the conclusion, use the introduction as a reference. However, avoid rewriting it using different words.

  1. Summaries the Main Points

Use relevant information to sum up the main points in the essay paper. Academic papers can be lengthy at times, so adding a brief summary of all your supporting arguments is necessary. This will ensure the readers are up to speed. The conclusion paragraph must feature key evidence and research that you have introduced within the essay’s body paragraphs. Avoid introducing future research, new information or new ideas since it may confuse the readers. Take a break and look for an example to get inspired.

  1. Make the Connection Between the Opening & Closing Statement

Another great way to write an effective essay conclusion is by returning to the theme of the introduction, thus giving a strong sense of conclusion to the readers. This can be accomplished by returning to the original scenario, using similar concepts or including the same imagery.

Here are some techniques you may try:

  • End with a warning
  • Evoke an image
  • Compare the essay topic to something universal to help readers relate
  • Call your reader to action
  • End with a compelling quote
  • Predict what may happen if your ideas are not implemented
  1. Add Some Insights

You should leave the conclusion with an insight, solution or questions for further study or call to action. The questions you need to ask for an effective conclusion:

  • What are the implications existing in the argument?
  • Why will readers care about it?

Make sure to answer these types of questions and leave the audience with something to think or wonder about.

  1. Appeal to the Readers’ Emotions

A good concluding paragraph must possess the sensory or emotional language to create a powerful and lasting impression in the reader’s mind. Emotional appeals are a great way to reinforce the central points discussed in your essay writing help.

  1. Proofread and Revise the Conclusion

Set aside at least a few hours for your essay conclusion generator. Re-read whatever you have included in the concluding paragraph. Look out for any type of miss pelt words, and typos, incorrectly used words and other errors that can bring down the quality of your essay. Also, ensure whatever you have written makes sense and reflects accurately on the essay paper. Students are advised to read the whole essay paper as a whole to ensure it all comes together.

  1. Talk to the Instructor if you Have Questions

Your assignment might have different formatting instructions, so ensure to follow them precisely. If you want to score well on the paper, it is essential to follow all the instructions set by your instructor. If you are unsure how to build a good essay conclusion as per their instructions, you may ask for an example of a well-written conclusion to give you an idea of how you are expected to build an impressive conclusion.

Examples of two good conclusions

Topic: Feminism

Conclusion:  Feminism is a much needed movement in it worked as it showed how unequal society can be when it comes to treating women fairly. The key is to highlight that every people has the equal rights to make choice. Despite feminism being a strong movement, there are still parts of the world where inequality and exploitation of women exists.

Topic: Is increase in technology good for society?

Conclusion: Technology does not seem to be going anywhere. We are more likely to be dependent on the capabilities of smartphones and other devices. However, we must ensure of not being slaves to these technologies. So in the end, we need to learn how to exist with technology in a way that is both healthful and constructive.


Although conclusions do not necessarily introduce any new content. Instead, they gesture toward broader implications for the arguments presented in the essay. The conclusion holds power to make the arguments sparkle and leave an everlasting impact on the readers. So, give some effort and follow these tricks to write an impact conclusion that make the readers ponder over the topic. Good luck!

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