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Whether you need to find information or resolve issues, a customer portal is to your rescue.There are many companies that use a customer portal to help their customers. A customer portal development is necessary for both B2B and B2C businesses. It is what the customers need these days, as it is one of the best self-service portals that includes a knowledge base, FAQs, how-to guides, self-explanatory articles and videos, and much more. To know about a few top companies across the globe, keep reading further, and explore how a customer portal helped in different industries.

  • Gulf Insurance Group – Kuwait:

Gulf Insurance Group is one of the largest insurance companies in Kuwait. This company needed the customer portal to improve its digital presence to deliver a better experience to its customers. Initially, the company could not integrate these dissimilar interferences and navigation together. But a customer portal helped them to do this.

The customer portal they used was Liferay, GIG, which had the ability to bring all the platforms into a single platform. This helped not only them but also their customers to purchase a new insurance policy, request a quote, or get their claims approved through this portal. This led to improvements on the digital platforms and, during the pandemic, led to a 30% increase in the customer base.

  • HDI:

The Italian insurer company developed the customer portal, allowing the policyholders, who are their customers, to access their personal data and policies much faster. It also provided them with a single portal to claim their policies and not directly contact the representative.

They used Liferay, as it provides an open and secure platform for them to operate on. It is interoperable and can be used to upgrade it to new solutions. It helped not only the customers but also the IT team of the company to streamline the management within the organization as well. After this portal, 13% of the new clients registered themselves on their own, and within the first month, the company had over 50,000 new registrations.

  • VMware:

VMware is an IT solutions and cloud infrastructure company. And with a customer portal, the company was able to deliver a more user-friendly experience for their customers. Where they integrated account-based portals, which help the customers manage their license keys. It also provides them the support they need while searching for information.

A customer portal has features like self-service that helps the customer download and evaluate multiple sites from a single account much faster. After having a customer portal, there is an improvement in customer satisfaction and a decrease in the number of calls received for support. Therefore, it helped VMware with usability and efficiency.

  • Airbus Helicopter:

Airbus helicopters have more than 3,000 civil and military operators relying on them. So, to keep them functional, the company redesigned the customer portal in order to increase customer engagement. A customer portal not only helps the customers 24*7 but can be accessed through any device.

Their customer portal is called keycopter, which helped 24,000 users of over 3,000 companies. This helps the user to download technical documents that are up to date and also manage their claims and warranties. Not only this, it allows the user to track online invoices and simplify their operations. This improved the customer experience and customer satisfaction, as everything lies on one platform.

  • Spire, Inc.:

Spire, Inc. serves more than 1.7 million customers across Missouri, Mississippi, and Alabama. It is the 5th largest publicly traded gas utility in the US. Initially, it had two websites to look out for, but after using the customer portal, it has just one platform to look after.

Their customer portal integrates with existing ERP systems, which contain two payment processing systems and two mobile workforce management systems. With in-built gas usage charts that enable online bill payments and also provide self-service tools. It not only helps with payments but also makes the process paperless.

Their customer portal is myAccount, which is an easy and responsive site that functions smoothly on all devices. Not only does it take positive customer feedback, but it also helps the company cut edges on a few features, like real-time technician tracking. It has the potential to acquire smart devices in the near future.

  • Suez:

Suez is a company in Australia that manages water and waste. They needed a customer portal to make the process continuous for their customers. It allows the customers to get better customer service and a digital platform to make the process fast and simple. The company made sure that all the processes were digitized to avoid outdated technology and underlying legal systems.

The portal allows the customers to perform self-service scheduling, request new services, and access reporting on different metrics, such as environmental impact. This customer portal led the company to provide a better and more innovative service portal. That turns out to be the reason for them being competitive in their market.

  • EATEL:

EATEL is a leading telecommunications service provider in Southeast Louisiana. It is a family-owned and operated communications company that needed a responsive self-service customer portal to help support its business and residential customers.

Integrating a customer portal helped the company to reduce the customer service calls with greater accessibility through the portal’s responsive design. It also decreased the billing issues, improving customer satisfaction.

The best part about the portal is that it is editable even by non-coders, allowing the company to keep a keen focus on the technicality of the internal resources and customers. It involves highly advanced content pages, which offer promotions to reach new customers through other means.


The only thing that these big examples imply is that the customer portal is the need of the hour. It helps provide easy and fast access for the customers to email, chat, play and purchase your products or services. It does not matter what kind of company you have, but a customer portal is required to engage new customers and make the processes friction-free for your existing customers.

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