8 Best Movies For Fashion Inspiration

8 Best movies for Fashion Inspiration

Fashion movies are in the talk for a while now. People love to watch these movies for fashion inspiration. Many fashion movies tend to break the conventions also. You can watch new and old fashion movies online on sites like movierulz2 as well. Here is a list of the top 8 fashion movies that inspire people to the core.

1. Fashion

Fashion is a Bollywood movie launched in 2008. It helps people to know how the lead character manages to break the tradition to become a model. Also, the clothing style of women is inspired by breaking stereotypes in society. This movie is the epitome of the new fashion sense that it gives to society. This is really a good fashion inspiration movie we can cherish for ages.

2. The Devil Wears Prada

Launched in 2006 this movie is another fashion Icon and inspiration for people. The lead character of the movie Andy can be seen struggling with her gender roles. She seems to be desperate to enter a world that is not welcoming to women. The movie also projects the patriarchal society where women are not accepted in men’s world. They are supposed to stay within the four walls of the house. Andy breaks the cliché role of women and proves her intelligence and caliber finally to a male-headed society.

3. Phantom Thread

This is another movie launched in 2017 based on a fashion designer. The movie revolved around the parody of a person who is obsessed with his fashion. Good dresses are designed by him until he is attracted by a poor lady. The movie satire on the class difference that designers adopting to earlier. But as the lady come by him he forgets everything and falls in love with her. The tragedy of the movie is that men treat ladies like a commodity and use them for their pleasure only. You can see the stress on fashion in the movie on different dresses and their importance.

4. Coco Avant Chanel

Coco Avant Chanel is launched in 2009 and the movie is based on fashion. This movie is based on the fashion of how the lady falls in love with her boss. The comfortable clothes are adopted by the lead character of the movie by outcasting traditional ones. This is the first hit on conventional clothing in the movie. The movie is superbly created to break cliché in a fashion that sees women in particular attire.

5. Funny Face

The funny face though an old movie from 1957 but makes a great fashion movie. The movie stress fashion photography. Unique clothes, fashion sense, and many other things are stressed in the movie. You can find it as a fashion inspiration movie to inspire your soul from retro fashion. This movie gets a huge fan following from around the world.

6. The September Issue

The September issue is a decade back launched movie on fashion in 2009. You can see a lot of stress is given to fashion in the movie. Winter fashion is presented to the audience through the main character of the movie. Movie ads the trend of wearing glasses in winter as fashion. This set an icon of fashion for many people.

7. Crazy Rich Asians

This movie is a recent one launched in the year 2018. The movie shows the excessive obsession with wealth. The people of the upper class are very much obsessed with their wealth and fashion sense. Women and men both are very much sensitive about their dress. The movie also shows how women from the middle class tend to approach wealthy boys for marriage pursuit. This movie is going to inspire you with new kinds of fashion dresses that people wear especially in the upper class.

8. Pretty Woman

An old movie from 1990 Pretty woman is the last but not the least fashion movie on the list. The movie is based on the theme that how a rich man falls in love with a prostitute. The society that is not willing to accept such relations openly becomes a problem in this situation. You can see several fashion icons in the movie like Vivian who wears breathtaking dresses in the movie. It sends a message to society through the movie when people start breaking conventions to wear modern clothes.

Movies have end up such an inseparable part of our lives, that it is hard to think about a world barring this form of entertainment. So these are top fashion movies that give messages to society and changed the fashion style. Today we can see nobody is wearing traditional clothes which women wore earlier. This is because of these fashion movies only. They keep on trying new things in the movies which shift the mindset of the audience as well. That is why we can see a huge change in society to adopt new fashion clothing now. There are many other fashion movies that have a great role in changing fashion in society by inspiring people.


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