7 Tips for Handling an Arrest


No one likes the idea of being arrested due to its nature. An arrest can change your life even if you’re not convicted of the crime you’re being accused of. The experience is traumatizing, and most people don’t know how to act in an extremely stressful situation like this. Being arrested consumes a person’s time and money even if it does not actually lead to imprisonment. However, knowing what to do next is good if you find yourself in such a situation. Keep reading below for some tips on properly handling an arrest.

Be Polite

When dealing with police officers, you should remember they are doing their job as the law requires. Most of the time, they handle difficult situations that might make them act at the moment due to stress. When handling an arrest, the best thing to do is always be polite and humble. Use etiquette words when addressing them since it will help you from being mishandled. Avoid using harsh tones and calling them names. Always use words like please and refer to them as sir or officer. It would be extremely helpful if you tried to wait to ask any of your questions until you arrive at the police station. This ensures you are in a safer environment and could potentially help keep emotions under control for all parties involved.

Never Run Away

In a high-stress situation like when one is arrested, one might be tempted to flee. Running away is extremely dangerous since the police might decide to chase you, which will result in an altercation and sometimes even death. Running when getting arrested is also a criminal offense, and you do not want to add that to your charges. It also shows that you are guilty of the crime; therefore, always relax and wait for the police to address you. How you handle the situation will determine how the police will treat you.

Clarify the Nature of Your Arrest

When the police arrest a person, it is always based on three encounters. One is a consensual encounter, investigatory stop, and arrest. Immediately the police stop you; it is advisable to ask them if you are under arrest. The answer is what will determine the condition of your situation. Also, don’t forget to ask the reason for the arrest and if you are free to leave; if the answer is no, always be polite as you wait for their next move.

Can You Qualify for Bail

Depending on the nature of the charges against you, there is a possibility of posting bail. Posting bail can provide you the time you need to get your affairs such as your mortgage, and bills, and help gather the funds to post bail. There are ways to get out in case you get arrested. Contact Oakland bail bonds or a professional bonds person near you to understand your options while waiting for the trial. This option can also be extremely helpful to ensure you’re able to keep your job for as long as possible. If you are granted bail, make sure you understand the terms and conditions. Breaking the terms of your bail can result in an arrest and the loss of your bail money. Some common terms are no traveling, missing court dates, and any other legal violations.  

Be Confident

Being arrested is not something that happens all the time; therefore, a person can get nervous. When such a situation happens, remember that you are a citizen with rights. It is good to listen to the police command but don’t give in to all their requests since you might be giving away your rights. Be assertive and learn the reason for your arrest so you can implement your rights according to the constitution.

Remain Silent

Most people are advised to remain silent when arrested since police can use their words against them. It is normal having the feeling of wanting to prove your innocence, but in such a situation, it’s good to remain silent. If they keep on asking you tricky questions, remember to tell them you can’t speak without your lawyer. Police are known to twist information; therefore, never make a statement you are not sure of. Try to keep your emotions under control and be smart before saying anything. As mentioned before consider holding all of your questions until you are in the station, preferably with your lawyer present.

Never Fight Police at the Scene

At times police can be aggressive in that you will feel they are violating your rights. Confronting them will only lead to more trouble and can even be a fatal mistake. If you encounter police trying to search your home or property without a warrant, try contacting a professional lawyer for help. Instead of fighting with the officer on the scene, wait until the case is in court, where you are free to express your rights. Staying in control of your emotions is vital to handling an arrest. Doing so can save you from being involved in an altercation with police officers. 

Always Include Your Attorney

Having a personal lawyer is vital for every person. If you do not have an attorney, be aware that the court system will appoint an attorney for you. Be quick to request an attorney. Having one by your side as quickly as possible can help you figure out your case and even save you some holding time at the station. The attorney can help you come out of situations like when being arrested. These professionals are trained and have knowledge concerning criminal matters. When a police officer harasses you, it’s your right to include your lawyer to avoid being charged wrongly.


When you find yourself handling an arrest, it is easy to panic and feels anxious. However, you can implement the above tips to help ease the situation. Always remember, as a citizen, you have rights, and no one can arrest you without evidence. The police are known to arrest people even with the slightest mistake. Remember not to answer questions without your lawyer present. Please share this information with your friends and family and save them the long process of being arrested.



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