7 Things You Should Know About Law School Admissions Essays – Tips & Tricks!

7 Things You Should Know About Law School Admissions Essays - Tips & Tricks!
7 Things You Should Know About Law School Admissions Essays - Tips & Tricks!

Seven Things You Should Know About Law School Admissions Essays – Tips & Tricks!

So you are planning to apply to law school? Great! But did you know that reading your statement is pretty much the only chance a law school admission committee will have to get to know you before deciding whether you will be a good fit for the program? That is why crafting an attention-grabbing essay is super important, but it can also be stressful. As a law school applicant, you may have several things working against you. You might worry about your LSAT score, undergrad GPA, and extracurricular activities. But there is only one thing that matters: Your statement. The law school application process is competitive, with many applicants vying for a limited number of spots. Though it is significant to highlight your college GPA and LSAT score in your essay, your statement is what will make you or break you, as it gives the admissions committee an impression of you as a person. Share who you are and what matters to you in your essays. While the LSAT and undergraduate GPA are indispensable for your admission application, do not let them overshadow other parts of your application that speak to your character and personality. A personal statement is an opportunity to demonstrate who you are and why you are the perfect fit for law school.


Personal statement for law school or college

Law school is hard. It is a long, gruelling three years that requires every ounce of your energy. After you finish law school, it will be time for you to choose a career in the legal field, a decision that should not just be taken lightly. Imitating upon your life and viewing the law school admissions board as who you are as a singular will hopefully sway them in your favour. Writing a personal statement is more than just writing an essay about what you have been doing for the past year. It is your chance to re-evaluate your life and truly reflect on your experiences, choices, and growth as an individual. Use short, poignant phrases to draw readers in and keep them interested. Admissions officers want to get a sense of what you are like as a person. In your statement, show them more than just your academic achievements; talk about who you are, what inspires you, and what you bring to the table. “It is not strong who win the race, but those who do not lose heart.”― A.C.

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Seven tips and tricks to note down for writing a personal statement for law school

Do not worry, and write down these tricks and tips that can help you write a very good personal statement that definitely will get you approved in the law school:


  1. Focus on writing about yourself

Your statement should demonstrate your skills, motivation, and determination. Share insights into your personality and values. Avoid focusing on people who have impacted your interest in law. A law school is looking for you to communicate about the law profession that draws you in. A highly-compelling personal statement can serve as a resume substitute, and ideally, you want to make it as easy as possible for admissions committees to see your potential. It would be best if you grabbed their attention: The majority of personal statements should be about why you want to practice law, why you have chosen a particular law school, what sets you apart from the thousands of other applicants, and how your personality and interests will fit in with the school’s program.


  1. Do more brainstorming

In brainstorming for your law school personal statement, do not be afraid to go abroad. Think about your experiences and interests as you decide what to put into your essay. If a topic interests you, chances are it will interest someone else. Brainstorm broadly, and consider possible topics that reflect your characteristics, strengths, work experiences, extracurricular activities and interests. You can then select topics to dive into, such as a significant obstacle or challenge, professional activity or achievement, or academic interest. Any topic that reflects upon the applicant’s characteristics, strengths, and experiences is appropriate for a New England Law application essay.


  1. Stay genuine

Do not try to be something you are not: the admissions committee can see right through those pitch-perfect answers. Share your resume with your writing, and tell your story with no filter. Using common words and standard prose won’t give the reviewers much to compliment, so take a big risk and let them know who you are.


  1. Try to stay specific

Keep it centred on a single theme, moment, or experience when you write your statement. If you decide to write about a specific period in your life, remember to describe how it’s shaped your perspective. Word limits and application requirements vary by the college (as do general tips for writing great application essays), so make sure you understand the requirements for each school before you start writing.


  1. Attract the reader

Don’t bore law school admission officers with a dull, repetitive personal statement. But don’t sabotage yourself by being too unique and off-the-wall, either. Start with an attention-grabbing anecdote, a surprising fact, or an intriguing line of dialogue. Then let your personality shine through.


  1. Remember to do more research on the law school

The last thing you want to do is write a personal statement that reads like a list of buzzwords. Going through the school’s website, admissions blogs, and social media sites will give you an idea of what the school values most. Tailor your statement to highlight how you embody those values and why you would be a great addition to the student body.


  1. Polish your admission essay

Polishing law school applications is a lot like polishing diamonds. They may be a little rough around the edges, but there’s no doubt that they show off a lot of sparkles. So polish your law school admissions essay and make it shine! While you might not be ready to fully submit your application, review all the components of your application, from your statement to your resume to every other component.


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