7 Things That You Should Do For a Smooth Shifting

7 Things That You Should Do For a Smooth Shifting
7 Things That You Should Do For a Smooth Shifting

As you plan to shift from one place to another, the prime factor that you should consider first is the date of your move. You may be shifting your house, office, business, or personal vehicle from one city to another, but the concern remains the same.

Fixing the moving date is so significant because it impinges on the moving charges. It is very important to plan things ahead of time so that everything falls in the right place on the moving day. This article illustrates the moving day priorities and the things that you should do on that day for a smooth shifting.

There are a lot of things that you should do on the day of the move. Even if you have hired a professional house shifting company, you cannot afford to not lift a finger in the entire process.

You have equal involvement and a significant role to play on the day of the move. So, here are 7 subsequent pointers that will help you prioritise the things that you should do on the moving day for a smooth shifting to take place:

1. Be present on the moving day

Your biggest priority on the moving day is to be present at your home. If you are thinking that you can hand over the moving responsibility to some family member, neighbour, or a close friend, you are making a severe mistake. Be there to witness, supervise, and help the moving team whenever required.

No one else will be able to understand your requirements and preferences as you can. If by any chance you are not able to stay present at your home on the moving day due to some emergency, be sure that you allocate someone responsible and trustworthy to take care of your belongings and the house shifting process.

2. Direct them while parking

The moving vehicle is not a mere hatch-back car; it occupies a huge space and can cause traffic congestion if not parked properly.

On the moving day, you should take up the role of directing the driver of the moving vehicle to park the truck in the right way. Moreover, you should consider contacting the society authorities before the moving day to book a parking slot. If you do so, there will be no chances of confusion or commotion on the day of the move.

3. Clear out the pathway

You can instruct the driver of the moving truck according to the condition of the road leading to the porch of your building. But for that, the pathway has to be clear and not muddled up. It is a common sight in India to find unprecedented road blockages caused by overthrown trees or construction work on the road.

You may find other vehicles parked in a haphazard manner without any notice. There can be small children playing around or loitering homeless animals that can interrupt your parking activity. Please be careful and clear the pathway before you direct the driver of the moving vehicle for parking.

4. Conduct a walk-through

On the moving day, you have to be on your toes. Make sure that you are present when the packers and movers Bangalore to Chennai arrive at your place. Greet them and help them in knowing your place by conducting a walk-through. Show them the bulky pieces of furniture and equipment in your house.

Show them the living area, bedrooms, kitchen, and bathrooms. This will help them in figuring out the path through which they will move the belongings while loading them into the truck.

As you show them around, let them know about the wash basin. Keep a hand-wash and some paper towels for the team of packers and movers . Their hands will be soiled most of the time and you should take the responsibility to maintain basic cleanliness and hygiene in your household.

5. Be a good host

You are indeed paying a hefty amount for your shifting needs to the team of packers and movers. But this does not mean that you can treat them being rude and a snob. Be kind and sensitive in your actions as you treat the packers and movers on the moving day. They will be helping you wrap up a mammoth task in a few hours; make them feel comfortable.

As they arrive, greet them with a smile and show them around. Offer them tea or coffee along with some packaged snacks as refreshments between their work. Give them bottles of drinking water.

If it is winter, you should give them tea or coffee more than once. If it is summer season, make sure that you keep the house well ventilated and keep the fans on. During lunchtime, you should offer them some money to buy lunch. There is no need to go overboard with anything but it is a general courtesy that you should abide by.

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6. Take care of your kids and pets

The moving day is an ultimately chaotic day that you will ever experience. If you have kids or pets, it will level up your challenges. It is better that you take care of them by planning out their day in advance.

If you have a crèche nearby, you can take your kids there and keep them for a day while you take care of the shifting chores at home. Otherwise, you can keep your kids in an isolated room and keep them engaged with their art supplies, toys, snacks, and candies.

For pets, the formula is the same. You can either keep them with a foster parent for a day or you can isolate them in a room with food, water, toys, treats, and their favourite blanket. Check on them every few hours and you are sorted.

7. Volunteer to help

It is true that you hired professional moving services because you could not deal with the shifting process by yourself. So, what is the point of volunteering to help the packers and movers? Well, you do not need to give them a hand in moving the bulky poster bed but you can be around to help them by giving the right suggestions.

They will need you around whenever they will feel undecided about certain things. They may need to ask you whether they should dismantle furniture or not. You can be of great help by just being there. Give them your contact number so that they can call you even if you are away for a minute.

The Cessation

Shifting is a fussy activity and you should plan out everything way ahead of time. You cannot keep things for the last minute by procrastinating. Prepare for the shifting when you have time.

Make a checklist and complete each task within the allotted time. After reading the article, you already know what are the moving day priorities and the 7 things that you should do for a smooth shifting experience. Take care and have a great move!


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