7 Mistakes LinkedIn Newbies Make & How to Avoid Them


LinkedIn Profile Help Many people advise you on what to do, but what about what not to do?

LinkedIn is one amazing way to meet new people and network. That’s why you need a profile that will not only help you get discovered but also encourage others to contact you. I see a lot of individuals making basic errors that work against them. If you invest time creating a profile, I presume you want to be approached by the proper individuals.

Let’s see some frequent newbie blunders and how to prevent them.

Mistakes  by newbie and how to avoid them


1.   No LinkedIn Cover Image


Most LinkedIn users choose the default cover picture, which is a big mistake. Why? Having a unique LinkedIn picture sets you apart from 90% of other users. Many individuals are visual animals who recall more than they read. Using a personalised picture may not only attract but also retain a person’s attention.


2.   Not show your own photo


Having a picture in your LinkedIn profile is all about trustworthiness. You want to stand out among the countless bogus accounts on LinkedIn.

Why not show your picture if you have completed your web profile? It raises too many questions. Avoid posting anything unrelated to your profession or interests, such as company logos or pet images.

Also, check your privacy settings to determine whether everyone can view your picture. There is an option that only enables your network to view your picture, thereby rendering you “invisible” to others.


3.   Not Branded Enough Professional Headline

See that blank underneath your name? That is your “Profile” Headline. It will display in search results next to your name and on LinkedIn.com. It’s your elevator speech in a nutshell.

Is this only your title and a business name? Don’t! This is where you should invite everyone who sees you in a search result to reach out and meet you. Your Profile Headline is the most valuable real estate you own, so brand it accordingly.


4.   Your Featured Section Has Nothing New


LinkedIn has long allowed you to submit multimedia items to your profile, but they just introduced a section called Featured.

You can easily stand out on LinkedIn by adding multimedia to your highlighted area. The sort of multimedia material you choose is less crucial than having it there. Why? Multimedia articles encourage visitors to your LinkedIn profile to stay longer, learn more about you, and connect with you. You may use contact’s book marketing services and use audio, video, or even a slideshow to engage prospective audiences and stand out on LinkedIn.

5.   Not Claiming Your Personal URL

When you join up with LinkedIn, you get a public URL that you can include in your email or anywhere else you want. You may change this in your profile. Claiming your name here should have been your first step on LinkedIn.

For example, to remember LinkedIn profile URL, I changed the last text to “amberhenna.” If you have a popular name, grab your URL now!


6.   Haven’t used the “Open To” section

You haven’t used the “Open To” section of the website. One of the more recent LinkedIn features is the opportunity to include customized promotional language towards the top of your LinkedIn profile, signifying one of three things:


  • You are a service provider (for sales and marketing professionals)


  • You’ve decided to hire someone.


  • You are receptive to employment offers.


It might not suit everyone, but if you fall into one of the three categories above, you should definitely take advantage of it.

7.   Your branded Summary lacks strategic keywords

If someone discovers you through a search engine and loves your Professional Headline, your Summary will be the next most significant component of your profile. To properly brand yourself, make sure that any terms linked with you are found here.

Like your resume’s Executive Summary, you want to write something engaging. This is your chance to tell the world who you are! Make the most of it!


Linked in is one of the amazing sites to boost your career and tell the world who you are. However, it is not so easy to make and maintain aprofile there. Make sure you avoid all these major mistakes to eradicate any possibility to show yourself less professional.

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