7 Easy Ways to Learn Acting at Home


Dreaming is easy and making the dream come true is tough. It is true for all phases in life. As young, you dream of becoming an actor. And when it comes to making that dream come true, some of you take your steps back while some try to move ahead. In this regard, you make your effort to get a berth in the best acting school in Mumbai or any city of your choice. 

Some of you don’t have admission in an acting or drama school due to several reasons such as expensive fees and no success in the admission test. Having no admission in an acting school doesn’t mean you can’t learn acting. You can do it at your home. Here are some useful and easy steps to learn acting at home:

  1. Know the industry

First of all, you should know the industry and the people in it. You need to know the film, television, theatre, or entertainment industry in depth. And for this, you try to know the filmmaking process from beginning to the end. Here are what you can do:

  • Buy some books on bollywood, hollywood, or theatrical performance 
  • Go through the purchased books
  • Visit a library close to you and try to read more books on the industry and your favourite actors
  1. Educate yourself about acting 

After knowing the industry and famous people, you should focus on learning acting skills. And for this, you can visit a local library or buy books on acting from a bookstore. In the initial days, you might have issues in selecting the right books to read. You may not be able to decide which books you should read and which books you should not read. Here, you can buy a short bio of your favourite actors to know their ideas and how they learnt acting. This can help you decide which books you should read.  

  1. Read more plays and monologues 

Actors act as per the script they have. So, reading scripts is crucial for you. It will help you get knowledge about characters and understand them. More reading will make you able to analyse the material, character, and performance. Further, it will help you how you should act on a script and how you can improve yourself. First, read the plays or monologues of the same genre. Later on, you can read plays of different genres. 

  1. Watch more movies, plays, or television series 

After having theoretical knowledge, you need to have practical ideas. And for this, watching movies, television programs, or theatrical performances is better for you. If possible, try to get movies on the plays or monologues you have read and watch the same carefully. Focus on each scene. The more you watch the more you have practical knowledge on acting. 

  1. Practise speaking scripts or dialogues 

Now, the time is to practise. You need to practise more and more. First, practise speaking the dialogues of the plays or monologues you have read. For this, you can get audio recordings of the plays or scripts. 

  • Listen to specific recorded scripts and speak the same loudly 
  • Record your voice when you speak a dialogue after listening to it 
  • Match your recorded voice to the original one 
  • Find where you need to improve 
  • Keep practising until you match the original or do better than that 
  • Move ahead in practising another dialogues and keep it going on until you think you have done your voice training 
  1. Practise acting

After voice training, you need to work on your body movements. And for this, you should watch a scene of your favourite movie or play carefully and try to copy the acting of a character. While acting on a specific scene, do video recording. And match your acting with the one you are trying to copy and analyse where you need to improve.    

  1. Attend auditions 

Television or film production houses are on a hunt for new talents. And for this, they organise auditions in several different cities. Try to attend auditions when you know an audition is being organised in or around your city. At an audition, you get useful instructions on your performance. The judges are industry experts and they clearly state where you need improvements and what you should do to enhance your skills. So, try to attend as many auditions as you can do to improve your acting skills and get an entry in the entertainment industry.  


It is easy to learn acting at home. You just need to do it well. Gaining knowledge about the industry, reading books on acting, reading plays/monologues and watching movies/plays, and using mirrors to improve your acting can help you a lot. Further, you need practising on voice and acting and attending auditions to complete your learning regime. Gradually, your practice bears fruits and you will be an actor. 


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