7 Crucial skills every student knows before writing compare contrast essays

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Writing compare and contrasting essays is a very important part of the learning process. These essays teach us very important nuances of many topics that might fly under the radar on our first attempt.

These essays teach us why some of the very similar sounding things are different, how they are different, to what extent those differences exist, and why those differences exist in the first place. They also teach the extent and qualities of similarities of those two things as well, why they are similar in the first place, and what is the story behind them.

Compare contrast essays have become a very integral part of students’ scholastic approaches in the modern era. Hence, it is important for them to know the following skills:


This should be a no-brainer. It is obvious that one normally draws compare and contrast essays for topics or subjects which sound and are at first glance, very similar. So similar, that they might be confused to be interchangeable by the uninitiated. If some things are virtually different, there is no need to fetch out an essay explaining why they are different, it is only needed when there are a lot of similarities. Hence, amongst so many similar things, one needs to have their research done to draw out and explain the similarities properly.


Writing a scholastic essay is not an easy task. You will have to impress a lot of people with just your words. You will also have to include your trademark style so that whatever you say through your essay, feels like a point being made rather than an exposition dump being jammed down somebody’s throat. You will have to brainstorm different ideas to present your essay in an engaging yet informative way.


Your essay might have a hundred good points, facts, and figures to support your claim and make a valid point; but it will only become a mess if you do not structure it properly. The structure of your essay sorts your work out into categories and makes the essay engaging and presentable. You need to learn to categorize, and compartmentalize to provide a good structure to your essay or all the information will just form a clutter and will become rather unimpressive,

To compare contrast essays, it is better if you learn the methods of blocking and alternating beforehand.


A raw form of anything, whether it is a product or an essay, will not yield better results than something that is well prepared and finished over time. Ensure that you proofread your essay before submitting it so that you can mark if there are any gaps, or lapses in the logic of it,


A big part of any kind of writing is editing. Whether it is a news piece, an article, or even your compare and contrast essay, editing will happen if your piece has shone and be bereft of all the roughness that any prototype or first draft has, With editing comes the ever feared, eliminating,

Elimination is necessary, of not only irrelevant aspects of your essay but also the ones that mark a break in the reader’s flow.

It is often said that one should know how to edit mercilessly, and that cannot be too far away from the truth.


This is another skill you need to master before writing any type of essay or piece, much less a compare contrast essay. If your vocabulary is not up to the mark, it will surely show in your essay and it will leave a negative impression on you, no matter how good of points you may make.


Overall, you definitely should know how to present a compare contrast essay as it will be very important to make the first impression, a good impression. A good presentation goes a long way in hooking the audience with just one look.

Hence, these were some seven skills a student must know before writing a compare and contrast essay. If you follow them, it is ensured that your work will leave a mark.

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