6 Top Time-Saving Content Marketing Tools to Elevate Your Team’s Productivity


“Content is king” right? But generating highly interactive content always asked effort. No doubt, when you say content marketing is one of the effort-intensive parts of the business. It lets businesses produce quality content to aware leads of the brand services they offer.

Content marketing plays a vital role in promoting brand services and helps them to reach the right customers. So, businesses need to dig into the ideas to understand which type of content is perfectly fit for their targeted audience. It even lets content creators measure their performance by time and manage all work to boost brand awareness and productivity as well.

If you are an entrepreneur and willing to create interactive content, you need to use content productivity tools to make your content creation process efficient. Content marketing tools help you to speed up your task by following the strategic work. However, without coping with the right marketing tools, you cannot create engaging and compelling content that increases your ROI.

Here is the list of top content marketing tools every content creator needs to use;

1.      Narrato

A content creation, planning, & collaboration tool that gains huge popularity these days. It is not hidden that creating optimized content that gains ranking on a search engine is not easy. Today, content marketers face lots of challenges in creating high-quality and authentic content that must be SEO optimized. So, they need to use scattered toolsets like Narrato to plan and create interactive content that delivers results and helps to increase the return on investment. It brings all the key tools that are essential for content planning, team management, content creation, workflow, and optimization. It empowers your content creation to get result-oriented goals.

2.      Easel.ly

An amazing infographic creation tool needs to use by the content creation team to create visuals as per the content need. Yes, it is a fact that hiring a graphic designer is not the only option that you need to use. You can use software like Easel.ly to create attractive infographics under your budget. This software allows you to create infographics easily without having expertise in design. Easel.ly saves a lot of time in crafting visual elements such as presentations, reports, charts, etc.

3.      Portent’s content idea generator

Content creation is the most overwhelming task in idea generation. Finding new topics always seem like one of the difficult tasks, whether you are writing a blog post, eBooks, podcasts, articles, videos, etc. According to the Professional Wikipedia Page Editors, it is tough to create fresh content on similar topics, so using tools like Portent’s Content Idea Generator would be your best choice ever. This idea creation tool will provide you with inspirational topics that let content creators create attention-grabbing topics. All you need to do is to enter your keyword and this tool churns out captivating titles within a few seconds.

4.      Norbert

Another challenge in content marketing is to reach out to the people in your industry or other brands to get a partnership with them. Reaching the people in your industry is not the hardest part, but finding the right email address is. If your message does not land in the inbox, it is just a waste of time and effort. So, using email finder tools such as Norbert is one of the handy tools for the content market team. This tool helps to find the right email address based on the company URL you provide or contact name. This platform has a contact database that is regularly updated. Norbert integrates the most other platforms such as Salesforce, Zapier, HubSpot, and Google Chrome.

5.      Murf – AI voice generator

Adding narration in your videos is one of the great ways to integrate the human touch into your content, so it lets you connect with your audience in a better way. However, adding voiceover to videos is not a cup of tea, so you can use Murf which is an AI voice generator tool. It needs your time and effort. It makes this approach budget-friendly and helps to create quality content in human-like voiceovers. The Murf library has almost 130 text-to-speech voices in almost 20 different languages.

6.      Hashtagify

As a content creator, one of your primary goals is to create content that is found by the targeted audience easily through every channel. Sometimes it happens that content creators make every single effort in crafting persuasive content, but they still fail to reach a targeted audience. That means all their efforts go in vain. So, you can increase your content visibility by using tools like Hashtagify. It is not hidden that using the right hashtag in content marketing is a surefire way to boost your reach.

To Wrap Up

At last, keep in mind when your content is more productive, you can create brand awareness worldwide. Without providing such tools to your team, they cannot produce compelling content that helps to earn a dominant position among competitors.


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