6 Tips for How to Build a Buyer Oriented Marketplace


Acquiring buyers and retaining them is the most challenging one for any eCommerce marketplace platform. This is mainly due to fierce competition in the market as we can see thousands of eCommerce platforms are emerging into the market.

Buyers get more options and better offers and they can easily be distracted by your competitor. To compete with them you need to have an excellent marketing strategy that will grab your audience and convert them to buyers and will make them stay with you for a long period.

In this article, we will support you by offering unique tips that are going to help you in getting more buyers and assure you of better returns.

  1. Provide the best user experience – around 84% of the audience has reported that they exit the home page of any multi vendor eCommerce platform that doesn’t offer a better user experience. Make your platform to be simpler and more user-friendly which will make your audience have a smooth shopping experience. This can be easily obtained by following the below-mentioned tips
  • Focus more on the content on each page and make it more precise and clearer which can easily attract the audience’s attention.
  • Concentrate on your platform design and give more details for bullets and buttons that can help users to navigate easily.
  • Prioritize features and list them according to the order they are supposed to be.
  1. Educate your audience – educating the audience is one of the key aspects that are very essential to succeed in the online market. You should make your audience understand why they need to be on your platform and why they should buy products from your marketplace. Follow the below-mentioned tips and train your audience.
  • Use content marketing tools to explain better your brand, products, and services you offer.
  • Send emails to your visitors and let them know more about your marketplace.
  • Keep posting blogs often so that they will be easily visible to your audience and your reach will get you more traffic.
  1. Lend your ears to your customers – we all may focus on building a perfect eCommerce marketplace platform and will develop them with all the extensive features. At one point we may also start getting buyers and they lose the focus on retaining them. Around 65% of buyers move to other platforms as they find no one to listen to their issues with their existing platform. This can be addressed as mentioned below.
  • Set a review and rating system in your eCommerce platform and allow buyers to share their feedback.
  • Allow your sellers to view the review given by your buyers that will help them to enhance their products.
  • Let your buyers share their reviews on their social media pages as this will get you additional reach.
  1. Provide speed loading time – 54% of bounce rate for any eCommerce platform increases mainly due to poor loading speed. Users get annoyed to stay for a long time to see the page gets loaded. This will make them quite the page and move to another one. Without even checking your products or your services, users quit your platform. You need to focus on a few things that will increase the loading speed.
  • Find a perfect hosting service provider who will take care of your hosting process.
  • Get the best hosting plan that offers better speed to your marketplace.
  • Check the loading speed of your platform often and if you find it low then immediately get technical support from your development and hosting team.
  1. Offer localization – every multi vendor marketplace software can be accessed globally and you may get the global audience to visit your website and can even start getting orders from them. You can set your locality preference and can be more focused on whom your target audiences are and which area should be focused on. You can include features that accept a global audience to access as mentioned below.
  • Your platform can have multilingual support that will facilitate audiences from various regions to access the platform in their own language.
  • The platform should have multiple currency support that will help in getting better conversion as the buyer can use their own currency for the payment transaction.
  1. Maintain transparency – you can gain buyers’ trust only by maintaining transparency in your platform else you may lose them easily to your competitors. All terms should be simple to understand that will help them know more about your functioning method so that they can easily get adapted to it. Always make sure your platform has openness and clarity by following a few aspects as given below.
  • Have a separate link for terms and conditions and let your buyers have a clear picture of them.
  • Let them know more about the ordering and delivery process in detail that will help them in buying products from your eCommerce marketplace platform.
  • Have a simple return and refund policy that will facilitate buyers to return products when they find it does not suit them and get refunds without much trouble.


Hope you are clear with what buyers expect from your  eCommerce marketplace platform. you need to fulfill their demands and should make sure they are satisfied with your products and your platform. you need to consider buyers buying behavior while building a buyer-oriented eCommerce marketplace. All the above-mentioned tips will have a major influence in acquiring and retaining buyers. Use them wisely and get hold of your market.

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