6 Creative Ways to Market Your Products with Tea Light Candle Boxes

Tea Light Candle Boxes

Did you know that candles are the second most common home and garden product purchased in the U.S. every year? And, did you know that there’s a whole industry built around it? Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can use your tea light candle boxes to market your products. These creative marketing ideas work well for selling a variety of items for almost any budget.

When selling candles, you have several options. You can sell them at craft shows, door-to-door sales, specialty shops, or online. Here are a few creative ways you can use tea light candle boxes to market your products.

Use a Tea Light Candle Box to Promote Your Blog

There are many ways to promote your blog with a tea light candle box. You can create a blog sign, tag, or banner using one of these boxes.
If you’re hosting a blog carnival, you can create a sign for each blog. Label each sign with the name of the blog, the blog address, the blog banner, and the blog topic. You can create a large sign using a digital printing press or an overhead projector.

A blog sign is perfect for promoting a blog carnival. People can take pictures of the sign and add them to social media. The more pictures you have in your social media posts, the more people will learn about your blog.

Sell Jewelry with a Tea Light Candle Box

There are lots of ways to sell jewelry with a tea light candle box. You can create a candle display in your Etsy shop or create a window display in your retail store. The most popular way to sell jewelry with a tea light candle box is to create your own Etsy wedding or garden shop. You can use your candle display to sell wedding flowers, garden accessories, and jewelry. You can also pair your candle boxes with Etsy products like handmade cards and journals.

Create an Edible Candle Box with Print Advertising

You can also create an edible candle box with print advertising. With this marketing idea, you sell candies and other sweet foods from your custom boxes. You can create a simple edible candle box by adding a piece of waxed paper to the bottom of your tea light candle box. Then, you can add a printed sign that says “sweet treats” and “candy samples.” You can add candies, chocolates, and other sweet foods to your candle box.
You can create fun edible print advertisements by asking your friends if they have any ideas for print advertising. Once they’ve brainstormed ideas, you can pick the best one and copy it.

Market Books with a Tea Light Candle Box

Books can be sold in several creative ways. You can try selling books from a book cart using print book covers for the cart. Or, you can use a book box filled with books as a stand-alone book table.

You can also use a tea light candle box for book displays. To create these book displays, you can use an old book box and add book shelves.
To add book shelves, you can use a glass paperweight jar or a glass candle box. Add book shelves to the inside of the candle box. Then, add books on top of the shelves. You can use candles, markers, and book spines on the shelves to create a more inviting book display.

Use a Paper Box to Market Physical Products

Do you sell physical products? If so, you can use a paper box to market your products. When you sell products this way, your customers can purchase items like scrapbooking supplies, gardening products, and photography supplies from the box.

When advertising your products in the paper box, you can use the box to store your products. Once you have the boxes stacked at your retail or craft store, your customers can easily browse your products using the table in front of the boxes.

Use a Virtual Box to Market Online Products

If you sell online products, you can create a virtual box using a tea light candle box. When you create a virtual box, you can set up a virtual storefront online. You can use the candle box to display your products from the website. You can add images to the box and even add a search bar so customers can easily find what they want.


Marketing your products using a tea light candle box can be a very successful selling strategy. With all of these creative marketing ideas, you can easily find new ways to promote your products. This article provides information on how you can use a tea light candle box to market your products with creativity and success.


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