6 Best picks of Embroidered Designer Abayas


History of Abaya

Women in the Arabian Peninsula have worn clothes like the abaya for hundreds of years. Before Islam, it was often worn by well-to-do women who lived in cities and didn’t have to work outside. Later, religious people used it as a sign of modesty and privacy. For many people, the abaya is a symbol of a proud tradition and a culture that is deeply respected. In the past, they were usually made of wool or silk and came in a single size that flowed.

Bedouin women usually wore light shawls and wraps, not always the black abaya as it is known today. In the past 20 years, cotton knits, chiffon, linen, and other fabrics have been added to the mix. Decorations are often added, and they are getting more complicated. This has led to a debate about whether religious modesty or cultural “fashion” is more important. In the Arabian Gulf region, both older and younger people often wear the abaya to show that they are part of their culture, though younger women often add design details to theirs. In Saudi Arabia, it is the law that all women must wear the abaya in public.

Abaya Style

The main ways to wear an abaya are over the shoulder or over the top of the head. At first glance, abayas look simple and plain, but they come in many different styles. Traditional abayas are simple and don’t have any decorations, but in recent years they have become more common with embroidery, coloured accents, and tailored cuts.

Most of the time, the decorations are on the necklines, cuffs, or down the front or back. Beads, sequins, ribbons, crystals, lace, and other things are used to add colour and style. Haute couture abayas have even been made by Yves Saint Laurent and Versace, and young women in the UAE and other Gulf countries are big fans of the local designers there. Black is still the most common and traditional base colour for an abaya, but you can also find them in dark blue, brown, green, and purple.

6 Best Abaya picks

Could we ever get enough of Abaya Fashion? Well, we disagree with all those who say modest wear can’t be fun. As for us, we haven’t found any garment as versatile and easy to carry as an Abaya. Whatever your personal style is, an Abaya can fit perfectly into all the moods of fashion with its effortless and seamless styling.

December calls for a fashion revamp and this month we picked 6 of our favourite embroidered Modern and contemporary abaya for you to stock on. If you have been thinking of shopping for Abaya online. We are sure you would indeed pick two or three of your favourites.


1. Beaded contrast Abaya

This linen abaya has a beautiful beaded embroidery over its sleeves and the torso. It’s appealing, eye-catchy and yet subtle at the same time. The silver undertones of the beads beautifully nestle over the soft black fabric giving it a comforting appearance. While the embroidery is quite loud, the undertone of black subdues the loudness and leaves behind only profound statements.

2. Floral Abaya Dubai

This Hari Jeans Abaya has a silk front overlay. Over it nestles the beautiful floral embroidery in white and yellow. The embroidery is in a small patch making it perfect for functions where you don’t wish to overdo dressing. It gives a festive appeal and yet its silhouette is extremely light, making it an ideal pick for easy-breezy fashion.

3. Grey Embroidered Abaya

This grey embroidered abaya has a front opening and features monochrome and the same coloured work oversleeves, torso and front. The work is quite enchanting because of its same-coloured but different tone over the fabric. It’s a perfect pick for wedding functions and cocktail parties. Nothing of this abaya speaks of subtlety and we think it’s perfect for days when you wish to be noticed.

4. Beige Open Abaya

Overpowering the beige undertones is the multi-coloured embroidery over this modern abaya. It gives a strong, unmissable appeal and is quiet for the woman who wouldn’t settle for a regular fashion. The abstract work gives the beige Abaya a distinctive appeal. It’s a hot favourite pick of ours and we wouldn’t miss adding this to our personal wardrobes.

5. Pink Embroidered panels Abaya

This modern abaya has a Sheila and a front-cut opening. Crafted with crepe fabric, the abaya exudes richness with its mere fabric appeal. The pink panelled embroidery and print over the front cut add a pop colour to the casual black abaya. We love colour pops and December is quite a season for bright colour pops. Add this to your cart and we are sure you wouldn’t be done with this Abaya even after years.

6. Beige Embroidered Abaya

This linen beige abaya is everything you would look for in casual but not so casual everyday wear. It’s simple, fluid and breathable with an edge of purple work over its sleeves and sides. The colour palette makes it unmissable and you are bound to turn heads when you slip into it.

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