6 Action-Packed Summer Adventures for Adventurous Souls Out There


Summers are the most anticipated time of the year. While the weather turns out to be scorching hot and humid, it can easily become dull and boring if all of the time is spent indoors. Occupied with the brimming energy levels, everyone wants to explore the outdoors and utilize their energies to the best levels.

This is especially the case for the ones living in Dubai. With a city full of numerous adventurous parks and a never-ending list of activities to tick off the checklist, one needs to pull up their socks and brace themselves for what awaits.

With that, here is a look at some of the fun-filled, exciting yet challenging activities for you all. Read ahead to know more:

1.Zip Lining

Visually speaking, zipline adventure in Dubai seems to be one of the easy-peasiest challenges to have existed. Yet, in reality, it is quite opposite of that. What may seem like just a cable attached at two ends, and an athlete hanging from a pulley and zooming to the other end is for the weak-hearted.

Designed for the adventurous souls to take them across the heart of the forest without damaging the forest wildlife. From flying freely to defying the gravity, zooming over trees and treetops, and hair blowing across the wind, it remains an exhilarating experience surely not to be missed.

2.Burj Khalifa

Being the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa manifests scenic beauty and an aerial view of Dubai city. With an elevation of 452 meters, brace yourself for breath-taking views overlooking the deserts, and the sprinkling waters of the Persian Gulf.

Moreover, if you are an adventurous soul, make sure to access the VIP lounge that gives you a doorway to step up to the 555 meters, and literally be at the ‘Top Sky’ and explore the manifesting beauty that Dubai holds.

3.Go Speed Boating!

Speed boating gives you a fun-filled adventure at a top-notch speed. Running at a top speed and dashing over the heavy waves of the Persian Gulf, is the ride to give you an adrenaline rush. In just 90-minutes, you can take a tour of Dubai’s coastal highlights, take Instagram-worthy photos and rejoice in the moments.

Zooming near places the Burk Khalifa, around the palm, the Atlantis, and even spying across the royal palaces of the sea, it surely remains an action-packed ride, as you hurry to click as many photos and save in your memory lane.

4.Scuba Diving

The water world is a whole different world for the earthlings to explore. And scuba drive remains a quick way to dive in and out while taking a look at the underwater world. Hues of blue and other colors are a sight to behold.

Dubai touches the sparkling and unreal turquoise waters of the Persian Gulf, which attracts thousands of tourists from around the world. Most of them willingly take the scuba diving classes that equip them to dive in and see what is under the water blanket. These waters are home to species of rays, angelfish, killifish, barracudas, and turtles. So why not skip the hustle and bustle of the urban city and explore the waters!

5.Hot Air Balloon

If you are hooked on seeing the stunning views from elevated heights and unconventional transportation, the hot air balloon is the one for you. Taking off to the higher skies and witnessing the first beacon of light is a wholesome experience.

Once you are up in the air and soaring high, you can witness the scenic view of Dubai’s beauty and count all the reasons why it continues to remain a top-notch choice for tourists. Nevertheless, it is an early morning ride, so make sure you do not let your sleep take over you. Else you will miss it!


Dubai sprung from the sandy dunes of deserts that can be explored in a number of ways, all distinct in the experiences attached to them. Dune Bashing will take you up and down the steep dunes, perhaps even making you dizzy as you sway past the desert. On the other hand, a camel ride is quiet and quiet, giving you a moment to look around and witness the peaceful locality. It also gives you a glimpse of the time when camels were the main commute system.

Moreover, you can also go sandboarding for a rush ride, and stay the night in the desert summer camps adventure dubai. Seeing the sunset amongst the sandy dunes and enjoying the Arabian dishes around a bonfire and playing some music will give you the right moment to live and enjoy.

Final Thoughts

Life is short and one should live to the fullest. Taking a vacation to Dubai will bring a bucket full of adventures for you. These excitement and action-packed activities are open to everyone, you just have to make up your mind and get into the right spirit. 



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