What is Arabica Coffee?



What is Arabica Coffee?

When coffee is prepared from the beans of the Coffea Arabica plant, this coffee is popularly known as Arabica Coffee. Having its origin in the southwestern highlands of Ethiopia, this coffee is one of the most popular types of coffee all over the world, making up almost 60% of the total coffee production in the world.

How Arabica Coffee tastes like?

Arabica Coffee in Dubai generally has a slightly sweet flavor, with hints of caramel, nuts, and chocolate. Sometimes, you may also find touches of berries and fruits. You can bring out the sweet flavors of Arabica even more, with the cold brewing coffee. The degree to which you notice the flavors will be affected by the roast that the Coffee Bean Supplies chooses. The balance of the above flavors will be affected by the soil composition and the area where the beans are grown. In order to ensure that the coffee beans preserve their mouthwatering flavor notes, Arabica Coffee in Dubai is always stored properly, so that they stay nice and fresh for a long time.

Most of the coffee beans that you see in the markets, coffee shops, cafes, and grocery stores in Dubai are mainly Arabica Coffee. So, if you are looking to prepare coffee in your home itself, just grab a bag of Arabica Coffee in Dubai and thus get the best results.

Types of Arabica Coffee found in Dubai:-

(1) Typica: This is the first coffee variety from which several different varieties are grown nowadays. It is renowned for its sweet, clean cup. Typica is often cross-bred with severalother varieties for a better taste.

(2) Bourbon: This is also considered one of the first varieties of Arabica Coffee in Dubai. You might have heard the word Bourbon, in some famous alcoholic beverage, but here it’s a coffee bean that’s pronounced Bor- BONN. By cross-breeding this Bourbon Plant, several different kinds of Arabica are also produced.

The other Arabica varieties are all cross-bred from either Bourbon or Typica both of which are readily available to those dealing with Coffee Bean Supplies in Dubai.

(3) Cattura: Initially found to be grown in Brazil during the early 1990s, Cattura is a natural hybrid of the Bourbon Strain, which thrives better in the higher altitudes of Central America. This is one of the most popular types of Arabica Coffee in Dubai mainly because of its citric flavor and a light body.

Why choose Arabica Coffee in Dubai over Robusta Coffee?

  • When compared to Robusta, Arabica has less caffeine. While Robusta contains 2.7 % caffeine, Arabica Coffee contains 1.5 % caffeine. Thus, Arabica Coffee in Dubai would definitely be a good choice for people who are too much concerned about the ill effects of excessive Caffeine. Also, Arabica is less bitter than Robusta as caffeine itself is bitter.
  • Sugar content in Arabica is more than Robusta. The majority of the people in Dubai prefer sweet over bitter flavors, thereby increasing its demand and thus Arabica Coffee Bean Supplies in Dubai.
  • Unlike Robusta Coffee, Arabica has a more gratifying flavor. Being heavily stuffed with nuts, fruits, chocolates, and berries gives it a rich flavor. On the other hand, Robusta tastes bitter, rubbery, and earthy.
  • When it comes to the price factor, Arabica is more exorbitant than Robusta. First, of all, Arabica Coffee in Dubai is produced less per hectare than Robusta, and also it’s sensitive to the environment. It also tastes better which increases its demand for those dealing with Coffee Bean Supplies.
  • The color and shape of Arabica beans are completely different from Robusta. While Robusta has more of a round shape, Arabica Beans are slightly larger with an oval shape. They are also lighter in color when compared to Robusta.
  • Differences in smell can also be observed between Arabica Coffee and Robusta Coffee. While Robusta smells similar to peanuts, Arabica Coffee in Dubai smells almost like blueberries before being roasted.


Benefits of consuming Arabica Coffee Beans:-

Arabica Coffee in Dubai:-

  • Is rich in antioxidants
  • Helps you stay more focused and alert due to the caffeine content in it.
  • Is quite low in calories
  • Can aid you in staying hydrated, mainly because it contains 95% water.
  • Contains traces of vitamins and minerals, like riboflavin, potassium, manganese, and magnesium.
  • Proves to be quite beneficial when used as skincare products.
  • Is soothing and delicious. Once you drink it from the cool mugs, that you might have collected in your travels, you can enjoy the feeling of warmth in your hands.

Final Thoughts:

Now, that you have got a better insight about Arabica Coffee in Dubai, why wait? Get hold of this mouth-watering coffee from trusted dealers of Coffee Bean Supplies which might cost a bit more than normal coffee but it’s definitely worth it for the pretty wonderful taste it has to offer. Trying the local coffee while traveling is always a highlight.

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