5 Ways to Fund Your Abroad Education



The idea of studying at an international university can be thrilling as well as daunting at the same time to study abroad. This is because studying at a foreign university usually requires a lot of money. As a result, many students give up their dream to study abroad. Luckily, there are various funding options that you can use to easily arrange funds for covering your fees to study abroad. Keeping this in mind, today we are sharing with you the five ways to fund your overseas education.


Scholarships are simply the best ways to fund your fees and living expenses overseas. Most foreign countries provide various scholarships for aspirants who wish to study in them. However, to become eligible for these financial aid programs you must have good academic credentials. Besides this, most scholarships are available for students who want to pursue a postgraduate study program overseas. But this does not mean no scholarships are available for students who want to study in a UG study program overseas. A lot of scholarships are also available for students who want to study a UG course in foreign universities. To learn about different scholarships for studying in foreign countries feel free to contact our overseas education consultants in Delhi.


Often loans are the last options that students use for ensuring that they can completer their education abroad. However, financial help from banks requires you to pay the entire amount of money back within a certain time. Moreover, you also have to pay the hefty interest along with your loan amount. Besides this, you may have to fulfill lots of formalities to get an education loan from the bank. Apart from this, you must have decent academic credentials for getting an education loan from the bank. Additionally, it may take a lot of time to get an education loan from a bank. Therefore, we don’t recommend you rely completely on education loans for funding your education.

Part-Time Work

Yes, it may appear to be an obvious option to fund your education abroad. But most students in the panic of planning everything students forget this option. All most all foreign/international universities allow international students to do part-time jobs while studying in them. However, to work-part time abroad you must get a residence permit. But each country has different visa regulations. Therefore, we recommend you first check the visa regulations of the country before applying for any job in it. Moreover, make sure you don’t rely completely upon part-time jobs for funding your fees. Why? Because a part-time job alone may not help you cover your entire fee.

Exchange Programs

Studying overseas through exchange programs is one of the best ways to study abroad without spending hefty money. Moreover, exchange programs are well funded and cover all your expenses of studying in a foreign country. However, the availability of these programs is program is very low. Why? Because it requires tie-ups between your home college and international universities. Basically exchange program is a partnership between universities in different countries to swap, or exchange, students for a semester or year and allows each student to pay tuition fees and earn college credit at their respective home university to study abroad.Therefore, if you plan to study abroad via an exchange program make sure your home university has links with your selected university.


Sometimes, if you have good academic records then you may get a sponsorship from a company or institution. Generally, sponsorships are of three types namely:

  • Corporate sponsorship: It is a sponsorship in which the company with whom you have a connection pays your tuition fees. But getting a corporate sponsorship is not easy and requires lots of hard work/dedication.
  • Sponsored degree: It is very different from corporate sponsorship. Companies use these sponsorships for recruiting outstanding students for themselves after their studies. Besides this, it may require you to sign a contract that forces you to work for a company for a certain amount of time.
  • Company scholarship: These scholarships are quite similar to corporate scholarships. But it also includes mentoring along with financial help. To learn about company scholarships in more detail feel free to contact our overseas education consultants in Gurgaon.


As you can see, there are plenty of ways to fund your overseas education to study abroad. So, do use these funding options if you are struggling to arrange adequate funds for your overseas education. However, make sure you start a little early as it may take lots of time to arrange funds via these funding options. Moreover, you will get various studying options which will give you the strong decision to make your study abroad affordable. Getting the better counselling from the studying abroad consultants will also open up a world of opportunity through the global friendships and connections you make and the best thing here is you will learn many things by the consultants.


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