5 Trending living room wall art ideas

5 trending living room wall art ideas

A blank wall in the living room looks so boring. These walls have lots of potential to refresh your space. Just a few additions to them can make a house feel like a home. So if you want to turn those bare walls into a stylish masterpiece, then this article is for you. Irrespective of the size of your house, these tricks can bring out your taste and personality. Discover 5 trending living room wall art ideas that are sure to add grace to your space.

  1. Hang plates:

Decorative wall plates are an effortless yet distinctive way to add a pop of color and decorate the blank walls of the house. You can add wall plates of different designs to add character to the wall. These decorative pieces have so much to offer for evaluating the interiors, from traditional patterns to quirky paintings to abstract art. Additionally, they will add to the overall aesthetics of the room like nothing else and make your blank wall a designer wall.

  1. Display something astonishing:

Adding some unique art pieces to the wall, like a handcrafted decorative bird wall hanging or resin wall art, will create a focal point in the room. The bright colors of these art pieces make an elegant and inviting space. Besides, you can also create an art wall by using different and unique art pieces to make your wall look like an art gallery.

  1. Try new shapes:

The more unique the shape, the bigger the impact it will have on the art and wall decor. To switch things up a little, the best way is by choosing artwork that does not live within confined borders. Therefore, adding a piece of musical floral wall art to a living room can make the space feel more thoughtful and unique. You can also add canvas paintings as it is one of the recent art trends in wall decor.

  1. Pick a theme :

Every room needs a focal point, and a theme helps in creating it. For this purpose, you can add a collection of abstract art to reflect and express the colors and textures of the wall. Abstract paintings are perfect for the living room and make the walls more lively. We suggest you choose the color of the wall that suits those paintings because it will add depth to your home decor.

  1. Think in 3D:

A piece of three-dimensional wall art can bring life to an entire room. It is one of the latest art trends that you must have in your room. Make a statement on the wall by incorporating 3D art. Whether it is metal, wood, plastic, or even paper, it will look great in the living room. Additionally, you can add a 3D wallpaper to elevate the blank space and upgrade your home decor.

Wall art is a very important part of the decoration process. So once you begin, the rest is easy. You can also experiment with various other home decor items. Apkainterior.com has all the interior decor items you need, whether they are traditional, modern, or stylish, at affordable prices. So visit the website and achieve your dream house goals.

7 must-have home décor items in 2022

Every home describes itself by the way it is decorated and designed. For decoration purposes, the accessories we use not only improve the beauty of the space but also reflect our style sensibilities.

At the time of home decoration, we reach a point where we wonder what else we can use. So, to solve this problem, we have pulled together this list of items that you should use in your home decor.


Among all the accessories that are used in home decor, the vase has the longest history. They are a very popular container for displaying synthetic or fresh flowers and are also valued for their decorative attributes and beauty. You can use a ceramic vase with a matte finish to complement your home decor, as it looks so beautiful.


There is something special about having an art piece at our home. whether it is a sculpture, glasswork, painting, or anything else. The best thing about art is that it is easy to find those items that are truly one of a kind and that make a home special. We always suggest investing in art. You can try the Eyes Of Bengal Tiger Canvas Painting and the Nordic Dancer Couple Statue to make your home decor unique.


Candles are used to provide ambiance, warmth, and light in the house. Using candles is a great way to create a mood of relaxation. They can also improve the overall aesthetics of the space. So you should have them in your home.


Try adding mirrors to your home decor for the ultimate in accessories. They are an affordable and effective way to make the room appear more spacious. They come in many shapes and sizes and are simply beautiful decorating items. A round mirror can be hung like a painting in the room, making it a centerpiece.

Indoor plants

Plants are a great home decor accessory because they not only look beautiful but also make us feel good. They are so appealing and complement our home decor. You can choose plants with bold-colored flowers, as they look very beautiful with modern decor and help us to feel more creative.


We have never seen a basket that we did not like because they look so fabulous and keep small items organized. A Tuxedo Dome Decorative Basket should be used for home decor since it can complement your space and make it more attractive. 

Floor Lamps

Floor lamps serve the same purpose as table lamps, but floor lamps are perfect for filling the empty corners of our house. They cast softer light and add height to a room where other items are lower to the ground. They not only have an aesthetic appeal but also look so stylish and unique.

 The following list should be helpful the next time you get decorator’s block. These items will give a unique personal touch to your space. Apka Interior provides all the essential home decor items that let you customize your space exactly as you want. So browse Apkainterior.com to get your dream home.



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