5 Things to Know About Synthetic Urine


Drug testing has increasingly become a necessity for many firms during the hiring process of an employee. Drug testing ensures that people are not influenced by illegal drugs, as permitted by local, state, and federal regulations.

However, there are many ways to get through a drug evaluation test. When you need to be sure, artificial urine is the best method for avoiding a drug test. Everyone has a different biology, and there is some debate over the specifics.

On that note, the information in the post below will help you learn about synthetic urine or fake pee for the first time.

What is Synthetic Urine?

One of the simplest ways to determine if someone utilizes drugs is to test their urine. It is common practice to use half of all drug tests during recruiting. Synthetic urine is a substance that can imitate real urine. When mixed with water, it produces a liquid that resembles pee. To maintain the synthetic urine’s temperature between 32 and 38 degrees Celsius, kits are frequently marketed online and may include heating pads.

Nowadays, synthetic urine comes with detailed instructions, including thermometers on the containers and tiny heating pads to maintain the ideal temperature. Others even include false genitalia and tubes if you must urinate in front of someone.

How to Select the Best Synthetic Urine

Choosing the “correct” synthetic urine kit might be challenging because so many are available. Consider the following factors to assist you in focusing your search:

Uric Acid

Since uric acid is present in normal urine, most labs will check for it when doing a drug test. To make sure a product contains this important component, check the label.

Brand Reputation

The amount of fake goods has significantly expanded due to the demand for synthetic urine. Look for shops that sell synthetic urine, and don’t be scared to spend a little additional money to acquire the top brands. To determine whether the product was successful for others, look into consumer reviews.


The finest models include the current temperature and a heating pad to keep the urine warm.

Composition of Synthetic Urine

Synthetic urine is a liquid that has been clinically mixed to produce a sample that resembles urine. The four essential components you must comprehend when taking a marijuana drug test are listed below.

person holding yellow and clear tubePH Value

The PH value of synthetic urine is calculated using the original urine, with some components diluted to make it appear authentic. Then it is examined and improved in the blend.

Glucose Level

Chemists add small solutions to make synthetic urine appear as though it were taken directly from a person’s body. This is so that low creatinine levels cannot contribute to a positive pee test result.


Artificial urine cannot appear to be any liquid at all. Thankfully, chemists have figured out how to make it appear to be actual pee. It is frequently warm and yellowish; therefore, it is not colorless.

Unquestionably, passing a urinalysis quickly and effectively requires using fake urine. Nevertheless, there is a fair level of danger and expertise required. This is because you must substitute your genuine pee for the sample or smuggle fake urine into the test.

How Long Synthetic Urine Last?

Drug tests come up out of the blue. Finding a synthetic urine kit’s expiration date during the testing is crucial. Make sure the product you purchase has a long shelf life. The top companies guarantee that their synthetic urine, when properly stored, lasts for two to three years. However, over time, the product will lose its dependability due to oxygen exposure, high humidity, or cloudy storage conditions.

The legality of Synthetic Urine

The legality of synthetic urine differs from state to state, just like the legalization of marijuana. Only one state—South Carolina—has ever convicted a urine salesman, and that was only twice—even though 18 states have laws against producing, transporting, using, or selling synthetic urine to fudge drug tests. Each time, the seller was charged with selling fake urine to pass a drug test. The sale of urine is now a crime in Illinois and Kentucky, becoming a felony in North Carolina and South Carolina after a second offense. The use or selling of artificial urine is a misdemeanor in all other states.

clear erlenmeyer flask on the table

While third-party websites offer these things for sale, going directly to a seller’s official website is your best chance. Before purchasing anything, make sure to research the brand’s reputation.


Being able to avoid the dreaded drug test is a relief. The workplace and other places frequently require testing. However, there are other suggestions for passing a drug test. Synthetic urine is one of the best and most reliable options. Your urine drug test will be successfully passed if utilized appropriately. To be safe, always buy from a reputable company and ensure the sample you give is still warm.




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